When does Temtem launch on Xbox and Switch? Release date, trailers, gameplay


Popular Pokemon clone, Temtem, is about to expand to other consoles with its full release following successful early access periods on PC and PlayStation 5. Here’s everything you need to know about Temtem including trailers, gameplay, and more.

Crema and Humble Games are getting ready to unleash the world of Temtem to wider audiences by bringing players on Xbox Series X/S and Switch. The expansion into other consoles will also bring refined modes and new competitive environments for players to face-off.

The studio has made a lot of headway on its online multiplayer monster-catching game and they’re ready to take it to the next level once Temtem gets its 1.0 patch update.

temtem campaign

Temtem is heading into an all-new era after its 1.0 update in September.

Temtem release date

Temtem is going to release in full on September 6 when it exits out of early access on PS5 and PC while debuting on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

The devs are going to revamp everything from Temtem’s campaign to the competitive systems within it, giving players a lot more to experience since it initially came out.

Temtem trailers

For people already paying attention, we know all about what Temtem wants to bring to the table with gameplay and trailers that show its world exploration with Pokemon-esque collecting.

In the lead-up, Crema released another look at how social features and endgame content will look once the TemTem 1.0 update lands, giving the game a top-down bump in content.

Temtem – 1.0 trailer

Temtem gameplay overview trailer

Temtem Launch trailer

Temtem gameplay

Temtem invites tamers to explore the vast worlds of its Airborne Archipelago where they will find species and while challenging the eight Dojo Leaders scattered across the world.

There’s over 160 Temtem species to collect and players will be able to find their perfect matches to take against players around the world.

From tons of character customization options to house decorations, there’s a lot to explore in the colorful world of Temtem.

temtem battle

Temtem will introduce new battle features after the 1.0 update.

Temtem co-op and multiplayer

Temtem will let players experience the game by themselves or with their friends across the entire campaign. Meanwhile, the MMO part of the title will let people join other players’ worlds to populate the different islands.

Though tamers can tackle the game by themselves, there’s going to be a bigger social component than what we’ve seen before with games like this.

That’s all there is to know about Temtem ahead of its anticipated 1.0 launch release in Fall 2022, as players wait to dive into Crema’s full version of the game.

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