Where are the graffiti-covered walls in Fortnite?

Where are the graffiti-covered walls in Fortnite?

Looking for the graffiti-covered wall at Hydro 16 or near Catty Corner? One of the new Fortnite challenges in Week 2 of Chapter 2 Season 7 involves locating a ‘graffiti-covered wall’. There are a few of these walls scattered around the Fortnite map, however, you only need to locate and scan one of them in order to complete this challenge.

The graffiti covered walls you’re looking for feature alien designs – fitting as extraterrestrials are taking over the map this season. The aliens are scattering a whole bunch of Fortnite alien artifacts on a weekly basis. If you’re all sorted with the challenges, why not hop in a UFO and go flying around the map? Our Fortnite alien weapons guide explains how to control these flying saucers, so you’ll hopefully avoid crashing into something. We also have a list of the current Fortnite guns for this season.

Continuing with the graffiti theme for this week, there’s also a challenge that involves collecting Fortnite spray cans, so bear that in mind as you drop into your next Fortnite match.

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