Where To Farm Gunpowder In Minecraft

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There are so many items in Minecraft that it can sometimes be hard to remember everything they're used for. Gunpowder is a common item that you can obtain through many methods and it's used in multiple crafting recipes.

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Although gunpowder is common throughout Minecraft, obtaining a lot of it is tricky if you don't know every way to acquire it. Here's each item that you can craft with gunpowder, and every way to get it.

What Is Gunpowder Used For?


There are many crafting recipes in Minecraft that use gunpowder, and most of them are themed around explosive items. You'll also need gunpowder to craft certain types of potions at a brewing stand.

Brewing Splash Potions

You need a single piece of gunpowder and a potion of your choice to craft a splash potion at a brewing stand.

Crafting Firework Rockets

Firework Rockets are used to create a beautiful display of lights in the sky. To craft three firework rockets, you need three gunpowder and a piece of paper.

Crafting Firework Stars

There are tons of different items that you can use to craft unique firework stars, but the minimum requirements are one gunpowder and one dye of your choice.

Crafting TNT

TNT is one of the oldest crafting recipes that includes gunpowder in Minecraft; you can use it to explode a small area on the map. You need five gunpowder and four sand or four red sand to craft one TNT block.

Crafting Fire Charges

Fire Charges are a great way to set enemies on fire from a distance. To craft three Fire Charges, you need one gunpowder, one blaze powder, and one coal or charcoal.

Every Way To Get Gunpowder In Minecraft


There are many ways to acquire gunpowder in Minecraft, including by defeating enemies and finding it in chests.

Defeat Ghasts

Ghasts are an enemy type that is found inside the Nether. These large enemies look ghost-like and they float in the air, so you'll need a ranged weapon to defeat them. Each Ghast drops between zero and two pieces of gunpowder, and up to five pieces if you have the looting enchantment equipped onto your weapon.

Defeat Creepers

Creepers have always been the most common way to find gunpowder in Minecraft, although there are now better methods for collecting it outside of combat. When a Creeper is defeated, it drops between zero and two gunpowder, and you can increase this number up to five with each level of the looting enchantment.

Defeat Witches

Witches are a common enemy in Swamp biomes, so they're easy to find if you're in the right location.

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You get between zero to six gunpowder when you defeat a Witch, but you'll gain a lot more if you have the looting enchantment equipped on the weapon that you use to defeat the enemy. Witches can drop up to 15 pieces of gunpowder with a level three looting enchantment.

Find Gunpowder Inside A Randomly Generated Structure

Many randomly generated structures throughout your Minecraft world contain chests that have a chance to spawn gunpowder within them. These structures include Woodland Mansions, Desert Temples, Shipwrecks, and Dungeons. You can get between one and eight pieces of gunpowder by exploring these structures.

Purchase Gunpowder From A Wandering Trader

Although it's only a one in six chance, Wandering Traders occasionally have gunpowder to sell you in exchange for one emerald.

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