Where To Find All Winged Lights In Vault Of Knowledge In Sky: Children Of The Light

Winged Lights are really important, if not the most important, collectibles in Sky: Children Of The Light. They are glowing figures that are dotted around each Realm and when you find them, they will give you an upgrade for your cape. Your cape allows you to fly so the more upgrades you get for it, the better it will be.

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By the time you have reached Vault Of Knowledge, there is no doubt that you already know all there is to know about Winged Lights. Crucially, you know just how difficult some of them can be to find and reach. This is why we've put together this guide of where they are and exactly how you can reach them.

Before starting this Realm, it is strongly advised that you find all of the Winged Lights in the previous Realms to make your journey much easier:

Winged Light One

Your first Winged Light will be directly on your left when you start this Realm. Before moving forward into the next area, just stand there and look to your left. You will clearly see the Winged Light and they are stood at the top of a ladder.

All you need to do is fly up to them and interact with them to get your upgrade.

Winged Light Two

Your second Winged Light is in this area too but you will need to have saved 1 Spirit from this Realm before accessing it. If you have the Spirit, head to your right and you will see a piece of the wall that looks a little different from the others.

You will see this:

You need another person to be able to open this door.

When you're both there, you both need to light the diamonds at the same time for the door to open. You also need to have saved 1 Spirit from this Realm to be able to get through the Spirit gate.

Once you are through to the new area, you will see a large room full of floating platforms.

Head up the floating platforms until you see an opening in the wall that looks like this:

Head into this opening then light the ghostly candle. Follow this to the end of this pathway and drop down the hole.

Light the ghostly torch here and follow this, then drop down the next hole.

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When you are in this area, you need to start paying attention.

After you pass through a few sections, you will see a ladder.

Climb this ladder by flying and using your boost to get yourself up there. The Winged Light will be in this room.

Winged Light Three

Drop back down from the ladder and look in front of you. You should see another room directly opposite you with jars and some dark Creatures that are stuck upside down.

The Winged Light is behind the jars in this room.

Winged Light Four

Your next Winged Light is on the second level that you reach from the main floating platform.

In this area, you will find a Spirit, if you've collected them already then the Winged Light is on top of the structure where you set that Spirit free.

If you haven't rescued the Spirit then you can do so now, or look around you until you see this structure:

The Winged Light is sitting on top of this, all you need to do is fly to it.

Winged Light Five

The next one is on the next floor. Once you are here, jump onto the back of one of the Creatures Of Light and ride it around. Whilst you're hitching a ride on this, look around you until you see a structure with a dome on top of it.

You should see this:

The Winged Light is in here.

This is far easier to reach if you're sat on a Creature Of Light before starting your flight to it as it will take you very close to it.

Winged Light Six

The next Winged Light is in the same area. Look around you until you find the platform that has small Creature Bones on it. (This is where you found a Spirit).

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Behind this, there are a lot of platforms and you need to climb up these.

You need to be conservative here with how much you fly, as there is only one opportunity to charge back up on your way up there.

Only do a flight boost when you really need to, otherwise, you will not make it to the top.

After a while, you will reach the top and you will see the Winged Light in the middle of another platform. Head there and collect your hard-earned upgrade.

Winged Light Seven

You need to travel to the next level to get the seventh Winged Light. When you are here, look around you and you will see a floating skeleton.

Head to the top of this skeleton and the Winged Light will be sitting on the part that looks like a Rib.

Winged Light Eight

Your final Winged Light is in the Temple Area of this Realm. You will be able to see it as soon as you get there.

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