Which Path Should You Take For The Delicate Flower Quest In Hollow Knight

The Delicate Flower side quest is one of the many different side quests available in Hollow Knight and is infamous for being one of the most difficult. In this side quest, the Grey Mourner in the Resting will task you with delivering an item called the Delicate Flower from the Resting Grounds to the grave of the Traitor’s Child all the way in the Queen’s Gardens.

It sounds simple on paper, except for the fact that the flower will break if you either: take damage, use a Stagway, use a Dreamgate, or even sit a bench, and you cannot get another one unless you got back to her.

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It is definitely not easy, but in this guide, we will do our best to tell you the best possible paths to delivering the flower safely. The most full-proof strategy is this: set up a Dreamgate at the Grey Mourner’s house, get the flower, then take any of the paths outlined below with the intent of clearing all the enemies.

All enemies generally found along these paths will not respawn unless you sit on a bench, with the exception of ‘small’ enemies like jellyfish, Aspid Hunters, and Mossflies. If the flower breaks, don’t worry. Simply clear out all enemies, use the Dreamgate, then travel along the route again without having to worry about enemies.

Path 1 – Through the Tram


One of the easiest and more straightforward paths to the Queen’s Gardens can be taken makes use of the tram in the Resting Grounds in order to reach the Forgotten Crossroads.

Because taking the Tram does not break the flower, this is a path many are likely to take advantage of. Simply take the tram left to the Forgotten Crossroads and continue left past the entrance to the City of Tears to reach the very left section, a room filled with acid.

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There is a secret path that can only be accessed with Isma’s Tear, which does not break the flower either. You will be dropped into Fog Canyon, where you will have to watch your step as you go down to avoid any exploding eggs or small jellyfish. Make your way right past the Teacher’s Archives and continue pretty much straight to the Queen’s Gardens and the Traitor’s Child’s grave.

Path 2 – Blue Lake Way


The second path is pretty much the same as the first path, but instead of going through the Tram, you travel through the Blue Lake to make your way to the Forgotten Crossroads.

This is a good path to take if you simply do not have the Tram Pass yet, and an easy way to traverse it quickly is to simply use the Crystal Heart ability to dash over the lake quickly and easily. This does not break the flower either.

Other than that though, this path is essentially the same, and you will encounter the same sort of enemies. Make sure to take them out and continue.

Path 3 – The No-Ability Path


The third possible path you can take is a bit more difficult, but it should only be used if you do not have any of the previous abilities mentioned — the Crystal Heart or Isma’s Tear.

You will take the Tram like in the first path, then take the elevator in the Forgotten Crossroads into the Fungal Wastes (or alternatively through the entrance to the City of Tears in the Fungal Wastes), and continue to make your way generally downward until you reach the opening into the Queen’s Gardens. From there you should head generally upwards until you reach the area where the flower is.

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The main things you will have to worry about with this one are the spikes in the Fungal Wastes and the Queen’s Gardens, as well as the Mantis Tribe enemies.

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