Whisker Squadron is Star Fox with Cats, Coming to Kickstarter Soon

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Race The Sun developer Flippify has revealed its second title: Whisker Squadron, a game in the style of Star Fox with some new additions for the modern era.

Have a gander at how this looks in the tweet announcing the game!

In Whisker Squadron, players will be commanding a fighter ship flying through levels in on-rails corridor shooter gameplay. It's basically the same stuff we love about Star Fox, but there's more to this game than meets the eye.

To start, a good chunk of this game will be procedurally generated. Your journey through the overall breadth of the game will be somewhat similar on repeat playthroughs — going from Planet A to Planet B and so on — but the levels themselves will have a measure of procedural generation, so each individual level will play differently every time.

This game is being built using the same engine behind Race The Sun, alongside some additions for the genre. Developer Aaron San Filippo says that players will likely be able to learn the patterns of the random elements to a degree, adding in a light roguelike element as well.

Whisker Squadron reveal slice

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When Can You Buy Whisker Squadron?

If you've been itching for a fun space-fighter game, this new title from Flippify might just be the game you're looking for. When will you be able to play it?

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that someone is finally making a game that captures the vibe of Star Fox, but the bad news is that it's still very much in development. In fact, it's going to launch a Kickstarter soon, so we're probably at least a year away from a public release (if not longer).

For now, you can get notified when the Whisker Squadron Kickstarter launches or add it to your wishlist on Steam. You can also chat about the game by joining its Discord channel on Flippfy's server.

What do you think of Whisker Squadron? Do you think they'll be able to capture the magic of Star Fox without having hand-crafted levels? Let us know in the comments below!

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Whisker Squadron reveal cover


Whisker Squadron is Star Fox with Cats, Coming to Kickstarter Soon

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