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Why we need the PS5-only Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC

Why we need the PS5-only Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC

If you walk into seemingly any corner shop in England and head to the refrigerators you’ll find rows upon rows of energy drinks. Vile cans with gaudy packaging and nonsensical extreme sports affiliates, loaded with so much sugar that even your teeth feel like they’re buzzing after a few gulps. One of the biggest brands is Monster, and you’ll recognise its logo – three vertical claw marks, often in neon green against a black background – in countless places outside of corner shops, including motorsports events, the UFC, and in esports. It’s also one of the only available beverages in the world of Death Stranding, and protagonist Sam Porter Bridges drinks gallons of it.

Given that the PS5-exclusive Death Stranding Director’s Cut ditches the Monster branding all together, it’d be nice to see an option on PC that lets us do the same.

There are cutscenes in Death Stranding that are punctuated by voyeuristic shots that linger on the glistening aluminium cans for what feels like an eternity. They’re so on the nose that it might be more subtle to have Billy Mays shouting “buy now!” from a pop-up message.

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