Wii Sports Golf Speedrunning Record Beaten

15 years and two console releases later, there are still a dedicated bunch of players speedrunning the original Wii Sports. This week, the world record has been beaten yet again in the golf category, with one player getting through all nine holes in less than four minutes.

In just 3:59, EmoadNomad blasts through the golf game like it's nothing. This is the first time a record in this category has fallen below four minutes, with dozens of runners vying for the top spot.

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As you can see in the video, EmoadNomad makes perfect shots in seconds, instantly knowing how to accommodate for the wind direction. They also utilise a glitch that was discovered earlier this year, where you can actually shoot twice. This is pulled off by hitting the ball out of bounds, but quickly disconnecting and reconnected the controller while the shot lands. If done correctly, the ball will be hit again, landing in bounds. This can be used to get past large bodies of water without having to walk around it.

This is one of seven Wii Sports speedrunning categories that is still run to this day. One of the categories is the fastest time to win a round in each minigame, which ShockwaveTLS pulled off in just 7:21. Records are regularly being broken, so it might be worth dusting off the original Wii and trying to claim one for yourself.

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