Wonder Woman Will Be Added To Fortnite’s Justice League This Week

Wonder Woman will be the latest DC hero to become a part of Fortnite when she is officially added to the game later this week.

Fortnite's roster includes more third-party characters than we care to count at this point. Characters from Star Wars, Stranger Things, Tomb Raider, and even Predator have all been added to the game. The biggest two corners of the Fortnite roster, however, are the ones occupied by Marvel and DC.

Fortnite is one of the few places where Marvel and DC heroes can live in harmony. As you traverse the island as Deadpool, there's every chance you will run into Batman. The Dark Knight might even be on your team. Superman was also added to Fortnite last week. The Kryptonian's arrival was officially announced at the start of season seven. However, his quests didn't unlock until a few days ago.

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Fortnite's very own Justice League continues to grow as now the addition of Wonder Woman has been revealed. How the Amazonian will look in-game can be seen below. Wonder Woman will be added to the Fortnite store later this week on August 19. However, players will have a chance to be among the first to don Diana's armor by competing in and winning the Wonder Woman Cup which also takes place later this week.

The cup will take place on August 18th. Duos will have ten matches to earn as many points as possible. Everyone who earns at least eight points will get the Honorary Amazons loading screen. If you want to unlock the Wonder Woman skin early, as well as its variant and accompanying back bling, you will need to be among the top-performing players in your respective region.

After a period during which Epic appeared to dial back on the constant crossovers in Fortnite, it now seems to be ramping the collaboration machine back up. Ariana Grande's in-game concert will have brought a lot of new eyes to the game, so this might well be an attempt to keep those new players playing. Grande was added after her performance, Dude from Free Guy can now be unlocked, and the aforementioned Superman.

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