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Pulpy exploration adventure Curious Expedition 2 leaves early access this month


Curious Expedition 2, developer Maschinen-Mensch's 19th-century rogue-like exploration sequel, is leaving Steam Early Access and launching in its version 1.0 guise on 28th January.

Likes its predecessor, Curious Expedition 2 casts players as late 19th century explorers, packing them off to distant climesin this case, a series of mysterious, storm-shrouded islands in the Atlantic oceanin search of daring adventure and priceless treasure.

In gameplay terms, that manifests as an unusual, but effective, blend of strategyrequiring players to manage their limited resources in order to survive and stave off madness as they make explore each mission's procedurally generated mapalongside trading, dice-based combat, and enjoyably pulpy choose-your-own-adventure-style narrative vignettes.

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