Ynglet is an entrancing game about jumping between bubbles like a space-dolphin

Ynglet is a game about jumping between bubbles like you're a space-dolphin. You don't need me to go on, do you? Full disclosure: I pinched that description from the Steam page, but I needed it! I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the game. I'm a shape that swims along and jumps between what I now know are bubbles. What I'm doing there, I don't really know. Some meteor crashed into a scene you're likely to see in a microscope, and here we are. But the whys don't really matter. What matters is: it's fabulous.

It reminds me a lot of flOw, that awkwardly capitalised PS3 game by thatgamecompany, which you probably know for making Journey. Remember it? FlOw was a kind of meditative Petri dish of a game. You were a microscopic organism and had to steadily eat your way bigger, without getting eaten yourself. There's no eating here in Ynglet, but you do look a bit like a tiny organism, and that tone, that meditative calm: Ynglet is all about that.

Ynglet is a kind of platformer. You swim, but you only ever really control your movement when inside a bubble of some kind. Outside of a bubble, gravity pulls you down, meaning you can fall to your sort-of death. The idea, then, is to swim to the edge of a bubble, leap out, and land in another bubble. Incidentally, if you do fall, you go back quickly to the last bubble you activated by waiting on it for a moment or two.

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