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Fall Guys has become immensely popular since its release earlier this month. With its fun atmosphere and engaging mini games, many gamers have taken to this Battle Royale game. Many brands and other video game companies have been trying to work together with Mediatonic to add special skins to the game, and another gaming director is interested in a potential collaboration.

Fall Guys has already brought in skins based on games such as Portal 2My Friend Pedro, and Team Fortress 2. Since then, many brands both in and out of the gaming industry have been showing off potential skins that could be used in the game via social media. It seems that another video game developer is interested in seeing a skin representing his game in Fall Guys as well.

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Ed Fear, a creative lead at Mediatonic, took to Twitter to let fans know about a potential collaboration for Fall Guys. Fear said that he had heard rumors of a potential costume based on Nier: Automata. According to his post on Twitter, the director of Nier: Automata Yoko Taro as well as Saito-P told Fall Guys that they were interested in working together to create a skin based on the RPG. While nothing has been officially confirmed, Taro also seemed to show his interest in this deal from his own Twitter account, retweeting the post with a simple plea for this is this to come to pass.

According to Fear’s initial post, the Nier: Automata costume could be on a machine lifeform. Another alternative is that it could be an “Emil head.” The way that the Twitter post makes it seem as if Fear is quoting someone, likely Saito-P, when he is discussing the costume ideas. Fear also says that Saito-P will be attempting to get in contact with the developers, implying that the Nier: Automata team at Square Enix is interested in pursuing this potential skin. This all came about when Fear was watching the two game devs playing Fall Guys on a livestream and mentioned where he worked. While this collaboration is not confirmed, there is certainly interest from both game developers.

Many Fall Guys players have been posting costume designs that they would like to see in the game on Twitter. Even streamers like Dr Disrespect have concept skins based on them. While it is uncertain what the next skin Fall Guys will announce will be, it’s good to see so many other game developers interested in the game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PC and PS4.

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