Yoku’s Island Express Is Free To Claim on the Epic Games Store This Week

September has arrived and with it new university terms, pumpkin spice-flavored products despite it still being summer, and a new free game on the Epic Games Store. Epic has continued to offer a free game every week through the year, as promised, and this week is no different. Last week's free games doubled up, offering both Automachef and Saints Row: The Third in celebration of the new Saints Row's announcement. Those free titles are now retired and the Epic Games Store has replaced them with a unique 2D pinball platformer named Yoku's Island Express.

Yoku's Island Express launched in 2018 and was embraced by a range of players quickly, ultimately drawing in very positive critical reviews despite its niche pinball genre. In Yoku's Island Express, players take on the role of tiny bug postmaster Yoku. Yoku must traverse an open-world island filled with pinball machine platforming, delivering parcels, and solving problems for the island's diverse denizens. There are even a handful of massive pinball bug boss fights.

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As ever, the free copy of Yoku's Island Express will only be available for a short time on the Epic Games Store. That's how Epic Games keeps its users coming back and checking out the storefront week after week. Yoku's Island Express is free starting now and will remain so for one week, ending on September 9 at 8:00 AM PT. After claiming Yoku's Island Express, it'll be added to users' Epic Games Store library where it can be downloaded and played at will

The next game that Epic Games will offer for free after Yoku's Island Express has also been revealed. It's Sheltered, a unique base-building/survival game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Players will build their own shelter filled with the necessities for life after the end of the world, expanding it as new survivors join the community and challenges of the post-apocalypse are discovered. Sheltered will be free starting immediately after Yoku's Island Express disappears on September 9.

Those looking for additional free games on the Epic Games Store have a range of other options. Whether it's Epic's own immensely popular battle royale Fortnite, the increasingly popular ARPG Path of Exile, or other live service games like Smite, Spellbreak, Warframe, and Rocket League.

The Epic Games Store continues to grow as development of the platform adds new features month to month. Just recently Epic Games expanded the Wishlist functionality of the storefront. It also confirmed that an Epic Games Wallet feature is coming soon, which will allow users to hold money on their account for future purchases. Expect more updates about the Epic Games Store, its features, and more free games in the months to come.

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