Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players can’t guarantee Korok safety, from crucifixion to rotisserie


Koroks are back in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. As with its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, Link can search the lands of Hyrule to find these woodland spirits, and return the seeds to Hestu. As in Breath of the Wild, Hestu will then add these seeds to his prized maracas, do a little shimmy, and grant you a new weapon slot. It’s all very wholesome.

Or, at least it was in Breath of the Wild. However, Tears of the Kingdom has upped the ante when it comes to Korok puzzles. This time around, Link often has to reunite two separated Korok companions. This sounds innocent enough – who doesn’t want to see two long lost friends reunited? Well, apparently many Tears of the Kingdom players, that’s who.

Thanks to the sequel’s new Ultrahand ability, which allows Link to pick up, move, and rotate objects (including Koroks), many players out there have taken to fusing these poor blighters to homemade crucifixes, rockets and even spit roasting the innocent spirits.

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