15 Amazing Protagonists from Recent Video Games

As video games have grown more complex and nuanced, and capable of telling more affecting stories, their protagonists have seen similar kinds of growth as well. We’ve seen Mario going from just rescuing the princess to… well, okay, Mario’s still pretty much doing just that, but other video game characters are doing far more, for far more complicated reasons. Video game protagonists have grown into truly engaging characters, with complex motivations, believable actions, emotionally resonant relationships, and sometimes, even actions we may not fully approve of. Here, we talk about the 15 best ones in recent games.


red dead redemption 2

With Red Dead Redemption 1, Rockstar had delivered probably their best protagonist ever with John Marston, so before Red Dead 2’s launch, there were many who were more than a little skeptical of this new protagonist they’d be playing as. It’s fair to say that when the game came out, Arthur Morgan proved all his doubters wrong comprehensively. He is, without a doubt, one of the most compelling protagonists we’ve ever seen in a game- complex, conflicted, flawed, brought to life by excellent writing and a memorable performance by Roger Clarke. Red Dead 2’s story is surely its greatest strength, and Arthur Morgan is surely that story’s greatest strength.

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