Ghost of a Tale Launches for Switch on October 8


Publisher Plug In Digital and developer SeithCG has announced the release date for the Switch port of Ghost of a Tale. The Nintendo Switch port for Ghost of a Tale is launching on October 8th via the Nintendo eShop, for $24.99. The game was originally released for Windows PC (via Steam), followed by a PlayStation … Read more

Mortal Online 2 adds new races and a host of other adjustments in its latest combat alpha patch


The combat alpha testing for Mortal Online 2 continues to move forward as the most recent patch has made several additions, most notably the Alvarin races. There’s also some new Berserker armor, the ability to craft weapons, and new poleaxe weapons. As well as new stuff, existing stuff has been adjusted with this latest patch … Read more

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Guide


Progression is the name of the game in almost all video games. It's the growth that you and your characters have from the moment they pick up their sword for the first time, to dealing the final blow of the big bad. In Genshin Impact, Adventure Rank is something that a player will constantly see … Read more

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Launches October 14 for PC, XB1, and Switch


Developer Vertigo Gaming has announced Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! is leaving Early Access and hitting full release next month. The August 2019-announced cooking and restaurant management simulator series is launching on October 14th for Windows PC (via Steam and GOG), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A PlayStation 4 release is planned for sometime “shortly thereafter.” … Read more

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Dev Diary Released, Horizons Expansion Becomes Free October 27


Frontier Developments have released a new dev diary for Elite Dangerous‘ upcoming Odyssey expansion. This massive new expansion releases in early 2021, and allows players to explore planets. The new dev diary discusses how players can customize their experience and forge their own playstyle as they disembark their ship. You can find the new dev … Read more

Not So Massively roundup: Iron Harvest, Second Extinction, Valorant, Paladins, Wolf Team, The Cycle, and New Frontier


Welcome back to a quick roundup of recent news from some not-so-massively online multiplayer titles. Wolf Team: Gamigo’s MMOFPS introduced a new map last week called Jungle, a deathmatch template. Wolf Team doesn’t get a lot of coverage, but yes, this is a PvP game where you transform into werewolves and use wolf powers. Hey, … Read more

Wurm Online patches in improvements to sacrificing items


Players in Wurm Online deserve to get stuff when they sacrifice things. Not things like time or money, but in-game items used for Favor. The game’s latest patch improves that particular system by no longer discarding excess Favor if your bar is full or would be overfilled when you sacrifice something; instead, you have that … Read more

Aquanox Deep Descent Co-op Multiplayer Trailer


THQ Nordic have released a new trailer for Digital Arrow’s upcoming submersible combat FPS, Aquanox Deep Descent. Up to four players can team up to tackle Aquanox Deep Descent‘s campaign mode. The game features drop-in, drop-out co-op, allowing players to quickly and seamlessly join or leave games with their friends. You can find the new … Read more

Maneater Won’t Support PS4 to PS5 Save Transfers


Tripwire Interactive that their open world action RPG, Maneater, which launched earlier this year, will be getting a dedicated next-gen release and launch alongside the upcoming consoles as a launch title. However, if you’re a PlayStation player, there’s some bad news for you. Though free upgrades from the game’s PS4 version to its PS5 version … Read more

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia PS4 Physical Version Pre-Orders Launch October 9


Limited Run Games has announced the pre-order launch date for previously announced the PS4 physical release for Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia. Pre-orders for the North American limited print physical edition for Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia kick off on October 9th and run through November 8th, for PlayStation 4. The physical version is coming … Read more