MSI MPG X670E Carbon WiFi Motherboard Listed Online For Over 550 Euros, PRO X670-P WiFi For Over 350 Euros


It’s not just the AMD Ryzen 7000 “Zen 4” CPUs that are appearing on online listings but MSI’s X670 motherboards have also been listed by various Italian retailers. MSI’s MPG X670E Carbon WiFi & Pro X670-P WiFi Motherboards Listed By Italian Retailers There are various Italian retailers that have listed the two motherboards as discovered … Read more

A Foldable OnePlus Phone Could be on the Horizon


We all know how foldable phones have become the next big thing; everyone from Samsung to Motorola is releasing these phones and by now, aside from OnePlus, nearly every Android OEM has a good foldable smartphone. However, OnePlus has largely been focusing on the standard candy-bar-styled phones but it seems like that is about to … Read more

Spider-Man PC Modding Tool Released by Modder


Sony released Marvel’s Spider-Man PC version last week, quickly climbing Steam charts as one of the most popular games on the platform. Despite the game already looking (and performing) very nicely, there is already a ReShade RTGI mod to further enhance the visuals. However, renowned modder jedijosh920 may have opened the way to much more … Read more

Intel Meteor Lake CPU’s Redwood Cove P-Cores Use Similar Architecture As Golden Cove, New Architecture For E-Cores


New information regarding Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs has been revealed in the company’s Open Source database by Coelacanth-Dream. As per the details, it looks like Meteor Lake CPUs will be a refinement of the existing Golden Cove cores while featuring a brand new architecture for the E-Cores. Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs: … Read more

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Announced: New Nation; Dendro Element Debut; and Release Date


Genshin Impact’s updates continue to release regularly; last month saw the 2.8 Update release with a new event, more characters, weapons and quests, and more. The developers at HoYoverse have their 3.0 Update coming very soon, along with a brand-new trailer, as well. First off, the update’s release date. Genshin Impact’s 3.0 Update, known as … Read more

Spider-Man Remastered RTGI PC Mod Aims to Simulate Full Ray Tracing and Packs Bloom Aplenty


This Spider-Man Remastered RTGI PC mod aims to simulate full ray tracing on your rig. Created by ‘Hickley_’, this mod is a Reshade preset based on the popular Reshade “RT” Global Illumination shader by Pascal ‘MartyMcFly’ Gilcher. Unfortunately, in order to use it, you’ll need Pascal Glitcher’s ReShade Global Illumination beta, which can be purchased … Read more

Rune Factory 5 PC Review – Farmer or Adventurer?


Ever since its debut back in 2006, the Rune Factory series managed to stand out from the competition with its gameplay experience which mixed simulation games features, like those seen in the Harvest Moon series, and action role-playing game mechanics, creating a very unique blend that feels weirdly coherent, even with the clear disconnect between … Read more