Three More Xbox PC Games Hit GeForce NOW


Keep the NVIDIA and Microsoft party going this GFN Thursday with Grounded, Deathloop and Pentiment now available to stream for GeForce NOW members this week. These three Xbox titles are part of the dozen additions to the GeForce NOW library. Triple Threat NVIDIA and Microsoft’s partnership continues to flourish with this week’s game additions. What … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077 Path Tracing Q&A – ‘Plenty of Room to Further Improve on What We Achieved’; OMM Support Coming


The Cyberpunk 2077 Path Tracing technology preview is out now, released as part of title update 1.62 (which also added NVIDIA DLAA and Intel XeSS support), and it’s utterly glorious, delivering by far the most advanced lighting system seen yet in a modern game while also running at smooth frame rates on NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX … Read more

A New Window in the Cloud: NVIDIA and Microsoft to Bring Top PC Games to GeForce NOW


The cloud just got bigger. NVIDIA and Microsoft announced this week they’re working to bring top PC Xbox Game Studios games to the GeForce NOW library, including titles from Bethesda, Mojang Studios and Activision, pending closure of Microsoft’s acquisition. With six new games joining the cloud this week for members to stream, it’s a jam-packed … Read more