GTA 6 trailer coming Tuesday, Rockstar announces

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The first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer has a release date: this Tuesday, 5th December at 2pm UK time.

Developer Rockstar announced the news this afternoon, and anticipation is clearly high. Despite only sharing this small update five minutes ago at the time of writing, the studio’s post on X (formerly Twitter) is already awash with some very enthusiastic responses.

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We knew Rockstar would reveal its first GTA 6 trailer at some point in December. Clearly aware fans were eager for any morsel of news about the next game in the studio’s hugely successful series, the developer announced last month it would be sharing a trailer in December last month.

And now, we know when.

The existence of this trailer was first suggested by a Bloomberg report last month. Another report last year, also from Bloomburg, revealed some things that GTA 6 could include on its eventual release.

Development apparently started on the series’ next instalment all the way back in 2014 (just a year after GTA 5). Then, many years later as part of a 2022 blog post, Rockstar confirmed the next GTA game was in “active development”.

While details are still fairly thin on the ground, we do have a few ideas of the sort of things GTA 6 could include thanks to Bloomberg’s aforementioned report.

This report said GTA 6 will have a playable female Latina protagonist who is “one of a pair of leading characters in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde.” Additionally, the game will be set in a modern day Vice City, which is a fictional version of Miami and its surrounding locations.

It will also reportedly have a different comic tone when compared to previous Grand Theft Auto games.

For more on the game here’s everything we know about Grand Theft Auto 6.

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