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The Assassin’s Creed series relies heavily on the places on the map being immersive and entertaining. Being an open-world title, it’s the free roaming that is the main draw for fans to play these games. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the largest one to be released yet.

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However, not all locations can be a hit, and there are noteworthy areas that are simply frustrating to be in. The reasons for this are a combination of a lack of visual appeal, uninteresting missions, and failure to live up to potential. There are also many areas that make the game more fun. With that in mind, here are five locations that are frustrating and five that are so much better.

10 Better: Island Of Triton


Ancient Greece was at the top of the places fans wanted an Assassin’s Creed game to be set in. The main reason was to have the opportunity to be immersed in Greek mythology, and this island provides just that reference.

Found in an uncharted location in the Aegean Sea, north of the island of Samos, the large statue of Poseidon  encompasses most of the island. It’s marvelous to behold, and around this location the Poseidon’s Trident can be found in order for players to swim indefinitely underwater.

9 Frustrating: Village Of Kausos


This area is host to the side mission concerning a plague running rampant in the region. Due to this, it’s an extremely somber place to be, with a charred appearance as numerous bodies have been burned of the deceased.

It’s even more frustrating if the player chooses to let a family of infected live rather than kill them, as returning to the village shows the place having become even worse due to the mass spreading of the plague. If you’re looking for a fun place to be, then steer far away from this village.

8 Better: Arena In Pephka


One of the best outfits in the Assassin’s Creed series is arena armor, and the best place to don this is in the actual arena. This place is situated in the far-east corner of Pephka, where the player can battle the best gladiators out there.

If you want to learn how to fight better, then this arena is the place to be. The design of the arena is awesome, too, with the environment resembling a death cage where dangerous traps are abundant. The area is easily one of the coolest in the overall series.

7 Frustrating: Makedonia


The Makedonian Lion is among the toughest boss fights in Assassin’s Creed games, but that’s the only thing that will make you want to visit this place. The frustrating thing about Makedonia is that it’s a vast amount of land, only to squander the opportunity to have any depth.

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It’s a whole lot of nothing to be in, with even the side missions boring, repetitive, and overall uninteresting. Visually, Makedonia might be passable, although players would feel inclined to return to other islands where things are more fun.

6 Better: Mykonos


The main appeal about Mykonos is how it’s easily among the most beautiful locations to be found in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. While its missions are the same as any other location, the breathtaking sights easily bolster the game’s value.

Everything from the port area to the Statue of Artemis and the Temple of Artemis are picturesque, making Mykonos the place players tend to return the most. The narrower streets and alleyways also mean the missions are to the point and avoid any unnecessary padding of gameplay.

5 Frustrating: Atlantis


At first glance, it might appear as if Atlantis might be the coolest location in the game. It does look appealing, but it’s incredibly annoying how many areas are locked and need several hours’ worth of gameplay to gain access to.

Even after these places are opened, the platforming is far from fun, coming across as needless rather than intriguing. Mostly, the lack of the actual hidden city of Atlantis and just the console room is what makes all the playthrough in this location so frustrating.

4 Better: Attika


Easily the most modern-looking location in the game, Attika gets full points for having an abundance of things to do. The area has a number of landmarks, missions, and exploration opportunities, so the player finds themselves here more than any other place.

Another major advantage for Attika is that you’ll meet the best side characters in the game in this location. Attika also avoids putting large areas of barren land, which allows gameplay to be fluid and a bunch of things to do.

3 Frustrating: Keos


This pirate island could have been a lot better than it turned out. The thematic presentation is good enough, yet it’s more of a gimmick than anything else. Even the harbor doesn’t have much going on for it, and the surrounding areas are nothing to write home about.

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The frustrating part comes from the fact that the missions just aren’t interesting, despite featuring some important choices to be made, instead being a real chore as the main character is given menial things to do. The narrower allies  require too much running in twisting corners, and the player will miss the expansive environments.

2 Better: Korinth


Much like Attika, Korinth is another big city that has its own identity. Being here is a welcome challenge, as the missions are tougher and the environment grittier. The architecture of Korinth has its own identity as well, and is easily the most recognizable location based on visual appeal.

As it’s introduced at a time when the game’s environments were all pretty much the same, Korinth’s distinct appearance sits well in memory. Another attraction is the challenging fights that accompany this location, including bounty hunters and enemies in missions.

1 Frustrating: Every Tomb On The Map


There are memes about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that players can relate to, and these also tend to reference the frustration that comes with being in tombs. The problem here is that each one of these is too stifling for comfort.

It doesn’t matter which particular one you’re in, each tomb has basically the same design. This means you’ll be spending your time in these locations trying to see through the darkness and smash pots in attempts to locate exits. These areas are hardly fun, and it’s extremely frustrating to find oneself in tight spaces with little to no reward.

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