A Total War Saga: Troy Downloaded 1 Million Times in First Hour

Troy - A Total War Saga

The Creative Assembly’s A Total War Saga: Troy released yesterday on the Epic Games Store. Unlike past titles, however, it’s completely free for the first 24 hours of release. The developer is now reporting on Twitter that it’s had one million downloads within the first hour of the giveaway.

This is pretty crazy, though one to wonder what kind of return it’s getting. The giveaway, along with the timed-exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store, was done to help grow the series’ audience. A Total War Saga: Troy will have DLC so perhaps revenues from that and the deal with Epic Games will cover costs in the long run.

In the meantime, anyone with an Epic Games account can claim the game for free. A Total War Saga: Troy is focused on the Trojan War as heroes like Achilles battle with the likes of Paris and Hector. Along with the return of duels, the strategy game features mythological units but presented in more realistic fashion.

We've had one million downloads for TROY in the first hour! Thanks to everyone who claimed it – and if you didn't, there's still just under 21.5 hours to get it for free, courtesy of

— Total War (@totalwar) August 13, 2020

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