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BadLand Publishing have released a new teaser trailer for Timsea Studios’ upcoming first-person platformer, Adome.

The game is set in the City of Light, an automated domed city populated by robots in preparation for the arrival of the Seeds, children that the robots are designed to care for and teach. One of these robot instructors, Ark B1, awakens to find a deserted City of Light, and sets out to decipher what happened.

Adome features a mixture of exploration, combat, and first-person platforming with an emphasis on parkour movement. You can find the new teaser trailer below.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

ADOME is an emotional single-player first-person adventure that takes us to City of Light, a beautiful futuristic city covered by a dome prepared to withstand the extreme weather caused by climate change.

The city awaits the arrival of the seeds, 7-year-old boys and girls who will be educated and cared for by humanoid robots called instructors. Who also await the arrival of their seeds submerged in a dream.

Suddenly one of them wakes up … The instructor of Ark IB1 feels his seeds and comes out of that dream to carry out the work for which he is programmed.

But in doing so he discovers that something is not going as it should …

Adome gameplay core is based on a satisfying sense of rhythm, smoothness and total control combined with thoughtful and diverse progression.
We are working on an adventure with a solid rhythm on gameplay and story, in which you will enjoy moments of exploration, with smooth parkour movements, combined with frantic action, so each minute you are in the beautiful world of Adome you will feel part of the game.

You will perform parkour, and fight in incredible futuristic settings and beautiful natural environments while immersing yourself in a thrilling story that will catch you from the first minute.

ADOME transports us to the City of Light, a beautiful and spectacular futuristic automated city covered by a dome.

The City of Light was built to house the so-called seeds, but for a strange reason they are not there, and the City is inhabited only by robots with assigned routines that are responsible for keeping it in perfect condition.

Among those robots are the instructors, different from the rest. They are capable of feeling, learning, and thinking for themselves. And with one function: to educate and take care of the seeds, two for each instructor.

Unlike the other robots, the instructors are idle, as they come into operation when they detect one of their seeds. They wait for their arrival.

Unexpectedly, and after 17 years since the city closed its doors and isolated itself from the outside, one of them wakes up… The seed instructor of Ark B1.

IB1 is activated when it detects one of its seeds, the “Y Seed”. But in doing so, he discovers that he is the only instructor who has awakened and that neither “Y Seed” nor any other seed is found in the city… Although he feels a connection with it.
Through his dreams, he can see what she feels. Joy, sadness… Fear.

IB1 begins to ask himself questions, trying to understand what is happening. He will realize that the seed is in danger and that he will have to go on his quest to uncover the dark secret hidden behind the white walls of the city.

“Looking to the future… I discovered that we are children of a memory turned into dust… Supported by our ingenuity and destroyed by our human condition”.

Adome launches Autumn 2020 for Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Image: Steam

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