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In the absence of physical events, many players have wondered how game announcements would be made. The gaming industry appears to have adapted by doing reveals digitally and the first day of Gamescom 2020 has already managed to get video game fans excited for new titles. The gaming event covers a variety of games from big developers and independent studios, and many players were intrigued by the videos that were featured.

Gamescom began yesterday and it delivered several exciting trailers as well as development updates. The games show revealed news about indie games as well as AAA titles which have been highly anticipated. The event showcases a range of titles, but below is a list of the biggest announcements from the first day. These videos consist of gameplay footage, cinematic trailers, and development insights and with that in mind, have appealed to different fan bases for a variety of reasons.

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Here are all the big Gamescom Opening Night Live announcements.

Fans have been keen to experience a new Call of Duty game for some time and by leveraging Warzone as a marketing tool, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has become highly anticipated. This new trailer features a CG Ronald Regan alongside the usual stakes that Call of Duty games implement and it sets up a Secret Ops team to take down one of the greatest threats in the Cold War. Safe to say, this trailer has made fans excited about the upcoming campaign.

The new Ratchet & Clank game looks set to use the impressive technology of the PlayStation 5 and allow players to cross dimensions with almost no loading times. This has been facilitated by the ultra-high-speed SSD in the PS5 and the gameplay which lasted just over 7 minutes showcases how smooth the experience will be while keeping the core elements that have made the series special.

Fall Guys Season 2 has been expected to be announced for some time and the new trailer shows the game taking a medieval direction. This means players will be able to enjoy new cosmetic items that allow them to dress like knights as well as dragons and rounds that have draw bridges. Due to the huge success of Fall Guys, these new additions will likely be welcomed by its incredibly large fan base.

Doom Eternal was a critical success and a hit with players when it was released and it seems that players will be getting an epic new adventure. The trailer looks to set the scene for multiple expansions which will have players navigating bloody and epic scenes with pseudo-religious undertones. Many fans seem to be excited to continue their violent onslaughts.

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A lot of fans have been interested in how Squadrons would work because it is entering the market at a cheap price. The trailer gave an insight into the story that takes place in the expansive Star Wars universe and the thrilling gameplay. While this game won’t be as big as others, it looks like it will pack plenty of fun with its gameplay and VR options.

Dragon Age 4 is still very mysterious and many players have been hoping to find out more about the title. The team at BioWare has released a video that shows them working on the title and many are hoping this long-awaited title will mean a return to form from the developer.

World of Warcraft is hugely popular and many will be pleased that Blizzard is introducing new content to the title. Players will be required t form a pact with a “game-changing Covenant” and tackle challenges in the Tower of the Damned. Many fans will hope that this expansion continues the legacy of the series which are known as some of the best MMOs.

It was an exciting first day of Gamescom and many will hope that more news is delivered in the remaining days. While the event has already delivered some news on highly anticipated titles, it will be interesting to see what comes next.

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