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Apex Legends lets players fight as a lot of unique and interesting characters, although some of them bring more trouble to the game than they might be worth. Loba, the high-society thief, is one of the newest legends in Apex Legends, and the devs are promising major changes to make her stop crashing and glitching so much.

Season 6 of Apex Legends is bringing new content for players, although it’s not been without its issues. A senior game designer for Respawn promised to buff Loba in Season 6, acknowledging that the character has a lot of issues and is ultimately rather lackluster. Besides her ultimate being just plain disappointing to a lot of people, Loba had a tendency to crash the game and hack into areas she shouldn’t be in, and all this was making her very unpopular.

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However, Loba does have some fans, and she’s a divisive character in terms of usefulness, especially as glitching Loba under the map can either be helpful to her or harmful to her opponents. The Season 6 buff lowered her ultimate cooldown, making it even easier for her to exploit this glitch. Still, people in the community have been calling for “quality of life” changes that can make the character more all-around effective.

One Reddit user posted a list of what such changes could entail, and the post drew the attention of Apex dev Daniel Klein, who has previously commented on Loba updates in Apex Legends and brings the devs’ perspective to the table. Klein says he’s working on a commonly-voiced issue for the next patch where Loba’s ultimate can’t be used for the first time until the player’s team has already looted the first Point of Interest.

Klein says he’s reluctant to mess with Loba’s tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend, even though the Reddit OP suggested Loba have full mobility when throwing the Jump Drive and have an option to recall the bracelet while it’s in flight. However, Klein does acknowledge that the team will probably have to address Burglar’s Best Friend eventually, and he recalls that it was “less well telegraphed” in early testing. Loba’s bracelet lets her teleport, but it’s been a huge cause of issues and many fans are saying it needs a fix.

Although this is far from an official confirmation, it’s good to see that the devs are listening to the community and have more common issues in mind to work on. Hopefully, this means Respawn is working on other Apex Legends bugs, since maintaining a battle royale requires constant tweaking and attention to player concerns.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version in development.

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