Ar Nosurge DX to be Censored on Steam

Ar Nosurge

The upcoming remaster of Gust’s scifi RPG titled Ar Nosurge DX has reportedly been altered in order to meet Steam’s “guidelines for content distribution”.

According to the official Twitter account for Gust’s Surge Concerto franchise, changes have been made to multiple scenes and images in order to properly release on Steam.

“[Notice] Regarding the Steam version of “Ar Nosurge-Pray for the Born Stars-DX”, we are announcing the following changes to the in-game expression from the original version based on the guidelines for content distribution of Steam as of 2021. I will.

-Corrected some scenes and stills to follow the guidelines”

Translation: Google Translate

In recent months Valve has been increasing the enforcement of their guidelines across multiple titles and genres. Most recently both Super Seducer 3 and Evenicle 2 were delayed due to Valve’s interference.

Interestingly, these Steam guidelines contradict Valve’s statement in 2018 where they intended to admit anything to the Steam store except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling”.

Gust is a game developer largely known for their internationally released Atelier series. Their scifi titles Ar Nosurge and Ciel Nosurge have both released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC (via Steam) on March 4th. The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions are speculatively still uncensored.

Currently there’s no planned release date for Ar Nosurge DX or Ciel Nosurge DX in North America. Gust has not made a statement at the time of publishing on whether Ciel Nosurge has been changed also.

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