Assassin’s Creed Origins: How To Solve The Sundial Puzzle

Assassin's Creed Origins includes more side content than most games in the series, and they offer plenty of variety. One of the unique quests is named 'Gift from the Gods.' It begins with a meteorite hitting the Earth and ends with a Final Fantasy crossover.

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The main part of the quest requires you to solve a sundial puzzle. It's the sort of task where the difficulty comes from figuring out what you need to do more so than actually doing it. But it's definitely worth completing the mission as it earns you some fantastic gear, including one of the best swords in the game. To get those prizes, follow these instructions.

Getting Started

The 'Gift from the Gods' quest is located in the Saqqara Nome area, and the starting place is identified with a green diamond.

You'll witness a cutscene where a meteorite falls from the sky and crashes next to a tomb. Enter the tomb to find a giant door with a sundial on it.

Three squares on the dial will be marked, and underneath the whole thing, you'll see the number 15 in Roman numerals, which is important later. You now need to go to the actual sundial, which is the structure to your left as you leave the tomb.

Solving The Sundial Puzzle

It's only possible to do the puzzle at dawn, so to get started, you'll likely need to use the Dusk and Dawn skill to change the time of day. When the sun is in the right position, three pillars on the sundial will open up.

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Inside them will be blue crystals, each marked with a different number, either one, three, or five. You might remember that the tomb earlier had a 15 on the door in roman numerals, which you have to make with these numbers.

Any combination that equals 15 works, but firing an arrow at the number five crystal three times is the easiest way. By doing so, beams of light will shoot up into the sky.

Receiving Your Reward

After completing the puzzle, you can return to the tomb, which will now be open. Head to the back of it to find a man imprisoned in a strange device. Examine him to trigger a cutscene that Final Fantasy fans might find interesting.

Despite being one of the most powerful protagonists in Assassin's Creed history, Bayek stays far away from everything that's happening in the scene. But afterward, he does collect his rewards, which are as follows:

Name Item Type Max Quality Max Damage Attributes Level
Ultima Blade Sword 124 529
  • Critical Hit Rate III
  • Adrenaline Regeneration III
  • Health For Critical
Ziedrich Shield N/A N/A
  • Ranged Resistance III
  • Damage Absorption Rate III
  • Bleeding on Block
Kweh Mount N/A N/A N/A Legendary

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