Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning preps anniversary celebration and huge reveal this weekend

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning, you probably already know that the game is knee-deep in its take on the Stronghold Saga, which currently pits Dwarves against Greenskins in the Marshes of Madness. But this month, the player dev team has been hinting that there’s more than … Read more

Prosperous Universe talks about its recent patch and mobile launch as it gets a spotlight on Reddit

Prosperous Universe has been busy recently according to the game’s most recent development log. Discussion among the devs focuses primarily on two topics: work on the game’s recent patch, which has brought features like base exploration, market filters, and base demolition; and a whole lot of UI work for the game’s mobile version, which apparently … Read more

PlanetSide 2 brings its retooled player starting experience online in today’s update


Today is the day that new players to PlanetSide 2 get to experience some new onboarding. The shooter’s newest update is set to go live today and it’s bringing a host of tutorial adjustments designed to make starting up more informative, dynamic, and fun. The update isn’t only just about getting newbies used to which … Read more

Multiplayer sandbox Staxel is launching on the Switch next week

Staxel is a cutesy cozy multiplayer sandbox we’ve been covering for a few years; it boasts farming, fishing, housing, building, hunting, and more all in a very Stardew Valley-esque gameplay loop but with Minecraftier graphics. Dutch studio Plukit hasn’t been idle over the last few years either, and we’ve covered a few of those updates … Read more

Destiny 2 releases its revamped Trials of Osiris, touts anti-cheat progress, and recounts seven years of updates

It’s time once more to face the Trials. This past Friday saw Destiny 2 bring back the Trials of Osiris, this time with a number of revamps that the devs at Bungie previously discussed. This includes an overhaul of rewards, the addition of Trials reputation and Trials Engrams, and a few ruleset changes. It also … Read more

One Shots: En garde!


It’s not always the type of sword but how you hold it, the masters say. And if you’ve got the spirit of a duelist and the heart of a Three Muskateer, you might be in the right place to pick up a rapier and get to work. IronSalamander8 is ready for anything: “In FFXIV, I … Read more