No, Lost Ark isn’t giving away unlimited founder packs, but the whole thing is definitely a mess


A tiny storm is beginning to brew across the Lost Ark community: The so-called “Ark Week extravaganza” – the week of programming on Amazon’s Crown channel devoted to the upcoming MMOARPG – had posted a channel banner advertising that viewers could earn points by watching that could then be redeemed for free founder’s packs to … Read more

Google has ‘deprioritized’ Stadia, pivots to offer cloud gaming white labeling


The drawing down of Google Stadia has reached what appears to be its expected and inevitable end. As first reported by Business Insider, and sourced here from Ars Technica, the consumer version of Stadia has been “deprioritized” by Google, and the tech will instead become a white-label service called Google Stream that will provide cloud … Read more

Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2021


This is always one of the most depressing roundups I do around the turn of every year, and this year… well, we lost some good ones. Gamigo’s gamepocalypse took out four games, including Defiance; that Cryptic’s sunset of Magic Legends before it’d even left beta, was the highest-profile sunset of the year. The year also … Read more

Genshin Impact celebrates the real-life Alps with a web event and promotions at an Alpine ski resort


Is it weird to celebrate a mountain? Genshin Impact developer miHoYo didn’t bother to stop and ask itself that question and instead is commemorating the real-world Alps via web events and some promotional materials spread across a European Alpine ski resort. The Alps are the inspiration for the game’s Dragonspine region, you see, which has … Read more