MMO Week in Review: LOTRO’s mini-expansion, Star Citizen’s $500M, and Ultima Online’s 25th birthday


This week in MMOs, Lord of the Rings Online opened preorders for its fall mini-expansion, Before the Shadow, which offers a new leveling experience for newbies and new content for highbies. Meanwhile, Ultima Online turned 25 years old, Star Citizen hit $500M crowdfunds, Black Desert hosted another Heidel Ball, and we geared up for Dual … Read more

Vitae Aeternum: The New Secret World


Comparisons between New World and The Secret World have existed pretty much since the earliest teases of NW. It’s what put the game on my radar in the first place. Now that the game has launched, we know that it is a starkly different sort of game than TSW. And yet… it’s a comparison that … Read more

New World scrambles to close a ‘very serious’ trading exploit, rises into Steam’s top 20 list


A rather serious trading exploit rocked the New World economy late last week, with Amazon Game Studios taking swift steps to hotfix it and deal with the perpetuators. Amazon reported the exploit on September 22nd, disabling player trading and banning those participating in what appears to have been rampant duping. Responding to concerns that the … Read more

No, Lost Ark isn’t giving away unlimited founder packs, but the whole thing is definitely a mess


A tiny storm is beginning to brew across the Lost Ark community: The so-called “Ark Week extravaganza” – the week of programming on Amazon’s Crown channel devoted to the upcoming MMOARPG – had posted a channel banner advertising that viewers could earn points by watching that could then be redeemed for free founder’s packs to … Read more

Google has ‘deprioritized’ Stadia, pivots to offer cloud gaming white labeling


The drawing down of Google Stadia has reached what appears to be its expected and inevitable end. As first reported by Business Insider, and sourced here from Ars Technica, the consumer version of Stadia has been “deprioritized” by Google, and the tech will instead become a white-label service called Google Stream that will provide cloud … Read more