Steam’ll let you know if a game supports DualSense or DualShock from October


Valve’s never-ending tinkering with Steam will soon see support for PlayStation’s DualSense and DualShock controllers bought to the fore, their compatibility set to be clearly listed on store and library pages starting this October. That’s according to a developer-focused blog post revealing, among other things, that of the 87m Steam users who’ve played a game … Read more

Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands headlines September Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle has announced the games available in its monthly Humble Choice subscription for September. Every month, the bundle-loving team at Humble selects a collection of PC games for its members to keep. In addition, it provides access to the Humble Games Collection and Vault, and members get 20 percent off the vast collection of … Read more

Nintendo has no plans for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom DLC


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will not receive any additional content, Nintendo has said. Nintendo’s legendary Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed the decision in an interview with Famitsu, where he said he’d simply “done everything” he could in Tears of the Kingdom’s world. Tears of the Kingdom director Hidemaro Fujibayashi agreed, and … Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Hotfix #5 is here with a chattier Minthara, PS5 fixes, and more


More Baldur’s Gate 3 fixes have spilled forth from the depths of developer Larian Studios’ ceaseless patch factory, this latest update – officially known as Hotfix #5 – remedying some previously acknowledged Minthara progression issues, as well as bringing a number of improvements specifically targeting the newly released PlayStation 5 version. Starting with Minthara, Hotfix … Read more

Xbox’s September Update brings direct Discord streaming and voice chat reporting to all


Xbox’s September Update will begin rolling out this week, Microsoft has confirmed, giving all users access to a number of features previously only available to Xbox Insiders – including Xbox voice reporting and the ability to stream Xbox One and Series X/S gameplay directly to Discord. Those interested in gameplay streaming will first need to … Read more

Acclaimed cat adventure Stray is being turned into an animated movie


Stray, the much-loved cat adventure from developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive is being turned into an animated movie by Annapurna Pictures’ animation arm – which produced DNEG Animation’s recently released Nimona. Stray – which launched last summer on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC – deposits players in a dystopian sci-fi metropolis for some exploration, … Read more

Here’s Hollow Knight as a 3D game


As Hollow Knight fans still (im)patiently wait for news on sequel Silksong, one talented community member has taken matters into their own hands. On the game’s subreddit, Poly Knight shared a video of the Mantis Lords boss fight recreated in full 3D (thanks TheGamer). It’s a faithful recreation that proves what the 2D Metroidvania might … Read more