How to get all free items in Roblox WimbleWorld


The Championships, Wimbledon, has joined the Roblox Metaverse with their tennis-themed collab, WimbleWorld. Experience the excitement of virtually attending and participating in the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world with the help of Roblox. Before exploring Wimbledon, however, be sure to read the brief guide below so that you can be ready … Read more

Sega is set to release new games, remakes, and remasters over the years, reports suggest


The VGC reports that Sega has shared a presentation that shows the results for the company for the fiscal year ending with March 2022. With the presentation, Sega has revealed that it intends to “significant[ly] increase [the amount of] new titles,” which includes an increase in remakes and remasters. This decision was decided due to … Read more

Roblox Minerblocks Codes (May 2022)


In this addictive Roblox game that draws heavy influence from the massively popular game Minecraft, players set out on a blocky adventure where they must craft and fight their way to survive. Collect resources by hand or with tools and use them to build a nice home in your own little corner of the world. … Read more

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Review


Two things confused me the most within the first five minutes of playing Demoniaca. The first: why in the blue hells would anyone thinks it’s a good idea to use a shoulder button for jumping in a 2D Metroidvania? The second: what does Demoniaca mean anyway? Suffice to say, both left me utterly baffled. I … Read more

Something for the Weekend – 23/04/22


This week has flown by, and not just because of the bank holiday and good weather but because I’ve been looking forward to Formula 1 at Imola (or Emilia Romagna as it’s now called). The weather threw a spanner in the works for yesterday’s qualifying, but that just means it will be great to watch … Read more