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New World’s hatchet bug is destroying players, but help is coming


New World‘s Hatchet is a bit good right now, to put it lightly. Over the past few days, oodles of players have taken to Reddit and the MMORPG’s forums to flag that the Against All Odds perk probably isn’t behaving like it should, prompting a response from one of the game’s community moderators. “Hello everyone, … Read more

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Slender Man is hiding in Phasmophobia


The big Halloween update for Phasmophobia seems to have been hiding a creepy stowaway, as fans have discovered that none other than the infamous Slender Man is hiding in the woods around Maple Lodge Campsite – which was added earlier this week. Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games is well-known for creepy little teases – the team … Read more

Multiversus leaks add Game of Thrones and LeBron James to Warner’s Smash Bros


Warner Bros’ rumoured Smash Bros-style platform fighting game, supposedly codenamed Multiversus, has had a flood of leaks this week since the initial post on Monday. Stages, controls, early screenshots, and design documents have all since been leaked – as well as much of the Multiversus fighter roster. Previously, it was rumoured that Warner Bros was … Read more

Resident Evil 6 is much better than you remember


I’ve been a fan of the Resident Evil series since the original and I’ve played, completed, and enjoyed every mainline entry, with one major exception: Resident Evil 6. Released nearly a decade ago to mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, RE6 represented a total departure from the series’ survival horror roots. Its multiple campaigns … Read more

How to use a VPN for gaming


A virtual private network (VPN) can elevate your gaming PC as a does-it-all device for both gaming and streaming, and is both easy to set up and to use. Computers are uniquely positioned as the easiest means of enjoying the gaming benefits of a VPN, as you can be up and running in just a … Read more