Baldur’s Gate 3’s latest patch improves smooching, idle animations, and a bazillion other things

Everyone’s elevated their tonsil tennis game

Baldurs Gate 3 Kissing Update 7636962
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Baldur’s Gate 3‘s latest update has, as per most of their updates, a colossal number of improvements. Notably, there are new animations for folks who hunker down in your camp and a speedier way to dismiss unwanted companions. But most importantly of all, the smooching has been improved tenfold for fans of romance, or voyeurs who relish virtual characters trading saliva.

I suppose it’s not all about tonsil tennis with the game’s latest patch – patch 6, to be specific – as all characters now have “unique kisses that reflect their personality”. These kisses are randomised, and can vary from a peck on the forehead to what the devs describe as “a little more intense”. Kisses have also been tweaked for shorter and taller folks, and some endgame cinematics now “better reflect the connection between players and their partners”.

Baldur's Gate 3 image showing a party standing by the water with a young Tiefling, on a small patch of beach.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Larian Studios

Elsewhere there’s new idle animations for folks in your campsite. You’ll find Halsin whittling or Shadowheart polishing her spear, for instance. A marked improvement on most of them standing about, or like, kneeling.

Perhaps the improvement I’m most excited for centres around swapping out party members. Now you’re able to dismiss companions from your party while speaking to the one you want to replace them with. As someone who plays co-op with two other pals, I’m left in charge of the companion we haul along with us. I regularly complain to my pals about how annoying it is to perform the dance of the companion swap, so I’m sure they’ll be pleased by my cheery silence.

There are a monstrous amount of extra changes, all of which you can find on their official patch notes page. All spoilers are covered, too, so don’t worry about spoiling things for yourself.

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