Batman: Arkham City Sold Over 12.5 Million Copies In Total

batman arkham city

It’s now been over 5 years since we got a new game in the acclaimed and best-selling Arkham series. The games started with Arkham Asylum and ended with Arkham Knight, and were some of the first high profile superhero releases that garnered goodwill and weren’t just cheap licensed titles. The second game in the series, Arkham City, is still the most universally loved entry in the series. And if you don’t think it’s odd the series went as dormant as it did, well, these numbers will make you think twice.

As discovered by Twitter user Timur222, a LinkIn page to a former WB employee, Micheal Elkind, who worked at the company during the time of the game’s release lists that the game sold over 12.5 million copies, which equated to over $600 million in revenue. It’s unclear if this is referring only to the original PS3/360/PC run or if it also includes the re-release on PS4/Xbox One as well, but regardless, some big numbers.

Ever since the release of Arkham Knight, both developer Rocksteady and the franchise have been quiet. Right now signs point to some type of revival for the series, though not necessarily in the Arkham name, and that Rocksteady is working on a Suicide Squad game of some kind. DC and WB will present the Fandome event next month, so it’s possible we’ll see both there. Batman: Arkham City is available on a variety of platforms, with the latest release being packaged with the first game in the Return to Arkham remaster release.

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