Battletoads is Releasing on August 20


First announced at E3 last year, the revival of the classic beat ’em up franchise Battletoads has been missing from all major Microsoft showings since then, while developers themselves have remained oddly quiet about it. Recently, the game received age ratings in Brazil and Australia, fuelling speculation that it would be releasing soon. That has now been officially confirmed.

In a new trailer released for the game, Microsoft have announced that Battletoads will be coming to Xbox One and PC less than a month from now, on August 20. The game promises beat ’em up action, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a mishmash of genres beyond that. The trailer has glimpses of platforming sections, arcade shooting, and more. It’s also worth mentioning that the game is looking significantly better than it did at E3 last year. The visuals, too, are looking much sharper and more vibrant. Check out the trailer below.

As with all Microsoft first party games, Battletoads will be available via Xbox Game Pass on PC and console at launch. The game is also available to purchase on Steam.

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