BioShock 4 Job Listings Confirm PS5/Xbox Series X Development, Points To New “Fantastical” Setting


It’s hard to believe that it’s now been over 7 years since the last original release in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite. The series was something of a standard bearer during the last generation, but has completely skipped this one outside remasters. We know the franchise isn’t dead, and now several new job listings tell us a few things about what to expect.

If you’re unaware, the next game, which we’re tentatively calling BioShock 4, is being developed by Cloud Chamber. The studio was formed by publisher 2K Games specifically to develop the series. Several new job listings have appeared, which you can check out through here. There’s not a whole lot here we didn’t know, as previous job listings have revealed a vague idea of the game’s direction earlier this year already.

But one thing is that the listings confirm the game is in development for next generation systems, which many assumed. One newer part that sticks out as well is wanting to breath “life into a new and fantastical world.” That seems to point to a new setting and not a return to either Rapture or Columbia. There’s also a few odd pieces in here such as a Cinematic Artist job that asks for “Wes Anderson like precision and panache in your camera positioning and movements,” which is a bit strange considering what many expect the game to be.

It’s also mentioned that the game uses Unreal Engine 4, but as the publisher mentioned this year, this game is a long ways off (and you can probably assume based on how many of these key job listings remain open), so it’s not outside the realm of possibly that it will switch over to UE5 at some point. We’re most likely at least a year away from ever hearing anything official about whatever BioShock 4 will ultimately become, but at least we have something of an outline of what they are looking to do, so it’ll be exciting when the game is officially unveiled.

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