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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players may find that they run out of inventory space too often. How can this problem be solved? By getting lots of Korok seeds and bringing them to the character named Hestu, who will take the seeds and give players more inventory slots in exchange.

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There are 900 Korok seeds to collect in the game, but each location will have a certain puzzle or challenge for players to complete. For those who might be stuck or curious about how to solve each challenge, here is a guide for each way to get a Korok seed at different locations.

11 Archery


These spots can be somewhat tricky, as the targets aren’t always the same, but most of the targets appear as balloons in the sky. When players see these balloons, they can shoot them down with their bow and arrow, and they will get a Korok seed.

A few of these archery spots are marked by pinwheels, and players may have to walk up to the pinwheel in order for any targets to show up. If no balloons are around, there still might be a target to shoot, so look for anything bright or out of place.

10 Boulders


If there’s a large rock (or rocks in some cases) around, look around for any holes that look like they’d hold a rock. From there, players just need to use whatever techniques they can to get the boulders to the holes.

While some of these rocks can be moved with just a push, don’t forget that Stasis can help to give the rock an extra boost. Also, be sure to look for boulders that look a bit shinier than regular ones. These involve using Magnesis to create a pattern that one of the rocks will show or following a chain that they’re attached to so players can find a hole to put the rock in.

9 Cube Puzzles


While traveling around, players may come across some cubes that will be arranged in ways that are sure to capture their attention. There are a few different ways that the cubes might be arranged, but they are always set up so that a cube can be moved so both of the arrangements are the same.

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The patterns should mirror each other in order to get the Korok seed. To move the cubes, players can use Magnesis since the cube that can be moved will be clearly made of metal.

8 Flowers


If a yellow flower ever catches a player’s eye, it’s a good idea to follow it to see where it leads. That’s right. When players approach the flower, it will move somewhere else, creating a route that will lead to a Korok seed.

The flowers are usually large and bright, so they should be easy to spot. Just try to keep an eye out for them or any other points of interest while traveling, since these can easily be overlooked when doing things like riding a horse or gliding around Hyrule.

7 Leaves


This one is a more eye-catching puzzle than others, as the leaves that appear will sparkle and create a path for players to follow. The path can lead to trees where the Korok seed will be, or they might lead right to the seed or to a leaf pile.

Wherever the seed might be, it will usually be in a place that has something to do with leaves, hence while the path of leaves makes sense. Just don’t ask why they sparkle. Not everything in the game has to make sense.

6 Racing


Ready for a race against the clock? Every time when players come across a tree stump that will have a picture of a leaf on it, they’d better have lots of stamina to complete these runs.

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Stepping on the tree stump creates a circular goal while starting a timer for the race. Each race can have different ways to travel towards the goal besides just running around. Players might have to swim, climb, or even use their glider to reach the end. If players see fences on the way, that means they’ll need their horse to jump over them during this race.

5 Rock Puzzles


If players spot any rocks that look like they’re arranged in a specific way, it’s probably a puzzle that will give them a Korok seed. These rocks can be arranged in a number of different shapes, and the rocks themselves will be smaller than those that would be used for boulder puzzles.

In these arrangements, one or more rocks will be missing, and players have to put a rock into those spots. Luckily, these missing rocks aren’t too hard to find. Just walk in the direction of the gap that needs to be filled, and the rock will be somewhere nearby.

4 Statues


These puzzles are pretty easy as long as players have the right items in their inventory. There are a few statues, some large and some small, around Hyrule that will have offering plates in front of them. At least one of these plates will have an item on it, usually food, and the player must put the same item on all the other plates.

Some of the items that the statues need will be rarer than others, and some will even want rusty weapons, so it might be better to do these puzzles when players have already traded some Korok seeds for inventory space so they can carry more items that they might need to offer.

3 Suspicious Spots


These puzzles can be frustrating at times because some are more obvious and others will be more hidden. There isn’t much or a trick to these spots either. All players are looking for are things that can be moved or destroyed. Basically, anything that looks out of place might hold a Korok seed.

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Some spots are things that Zelda fans will be used to breaking, like in pots. Others will involve using bombs on rocks and leaves, melting ice, or even lifting. Some suspicious rocks can also be lifted to reveal seeds by using Octo balloons.

2 Trees and Torches


Keep an eye out for fruit trees that look just a little too similar to one another. These are usually a sign of a Korok seed puzzle, and they’re pretty easy to solve. Each tree will have a certain amount of fruit in it. All the players have to do is knock down enough fruit from ones that have more fruit than others until every tree has the same amount of fruit.

Likewise, players might come across torches that are all fairly close together, with one torch needing to be lit. Just set it ablaze and the Korok seed will be yours.

1 Water Targets


Players might notice certain circles of rocks or flowers when they look across the water in Hyrule. In the case of a rock pattern, players must find a cliff that will be close to the circle and will have small rocks that can be thrown. Just throw a rock into the middle of the rocks in the water and a Korok seed will be earned.

For targets made out of water lilies, players will have to get themselves into the middle of the circle to gain a seed. Usually, there will be a high area that players can dive from, but a less-than-graceful fall from a glider will also do the trick.

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