Bugsnax Gameplay Trailer Debuts – Traps, Grumpuses and More Revealed


While many other third party titles at last month’s PS5 showcase made an impact for their visuals, Young Horses’ Bugsnax was popular for its theme song and bizarre premise. Just what do you do in the game though? The first ever gameplay trailer, courtesy of the recent State of Play, has solved that burning question. Check it out below.

Essentially, you catch Bugsnax using a variety of different traps and techniques. As a journalist invited to Snaktooth Island, your objective is to observe the different Bugsnax and utilize a variety of different strategies to catch them. Various pioneers referred to as Grumpuses also await on the island with their own requests and ongoing conflict.

Along with catching 100 different species, the plot also tasks you with locating Elizabert Megafig who’s gone missing. Be careful while investigating for clues though especially with some of the larger Bugsnax roaming about. Bugsnax releases on PS4, PS5 and PC this holiday season – stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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