Carrion Gets Slick Anime-Inspired Launch Trailer


Today marks the release of one of the most unique monster games out there, Carrion. Unlike most titles of this nature, instead of facing off against the creature, you’re instead in its role and tasked with causing as much havoc and destruction as possible. For a unique game also comes a very unique launch trailer.

The trailer, called “Become the Monster” isn’t your typical launch trailer. It’s quite moody and also done in an animated style. It looks akin to some of the popular anime films of the 1980s and early ’90s as it shows various characters being terrorized by the titular monster. Even if you’re not particularly into that style, it is a very creative trailer. Check it out below.

Carrion is now available on Xbox One, Switch and PC, with the game also being available on Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox One and PC. We had a special interview with the game’s developers, which you can check out through here.

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