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Today is the day to celebrate man’s best friend. For long walks and tossing sticks and endless treats. A day that really, should be a national holiday. Yes, it is International Dog Day. August 26th is the day to post pics, take videos, and scratch the bellies of beloved pups large and small.

Jessica Chastain took a moment to celebrate with an adorable video of her pooch Chaplin posted to her Twitter page. Named after the great silent film star, Chastain’s three-legged rescue dog is seen being bribed a chewie if he can be good and not eat it while his mama leaves the room. He is, indeed, a very, very good boi.  The Oscar nominated star of The Help and Zero Dark Thirty has long had Chaplin by her side, most famously when he ran on-stage during a performance of her Broadway show The Heiress.

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Another celebrity showing off his precious pooch is none other than Captain America himself. Chris Evans has often posted dog content on his social media pages ever since he rescued his Dodger while working on the 2017 film Gifted where he played a supportive uncle to his mathematician niece. 

Today, Evans posted two heart-warming selfies with Dodger, making dog lovers and Chris Evans lovers alike swoon. For those who want to see even more of Dodger, check out Evans’ Instagram page, which is riddled with hysterical pictures of the two in action. 

International Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert. Recently, everyone from actors, musicians, athletes and even politicians have taken to social media to spread some dog appreciation. In addition to Chastain and Evans, other celebrities as well have taken to Twitter to show off their beloved pets. Ben Stiller showed off his Mo, while Dolly Parton posted a clever “I will always love you” pic for her god dog Billy. GameStop even posted a picture celebrating DogMeat, a character from the post-apocalyptic video game series Fallout.

In a time that is filled with so much stress and uncertainty, sometimes all anyone can do is cuddle a pup or two. Dogs are always ready to play with, to laugh with, and to snuggle with pretty much anyone. Cats are wonderful, of course, and so are snakes and birds and bunnies and fish. But dogs are just special.  No matter how scary the real world gets, dogs are furry friends to count on.

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