Civ 6’s next chunk of DLC adds Cthulhu-worshipping secret societies and more


Civilization 6’s second slice of DLC for the recently launched New Frontier expansion pass – titled the Ethiopia Pack – will be coming to PC and consoles next Thursday, 23rd July.

The flagship addition this time, unsurprisingly, is the introduction of Ethiopia as a new civilisation with a new leader, and although developer Firaxis is saving details of both until closer to launch, it has shared more information on what’s coming elsewhere.

For instance, the Ethiopia Pack also introduces a new district type – the Diplomatic Quarter – which grants more culture for each delegation or embassy from a foreign civ, and reduces the level of spies targeting the district or an adjacent one.

Plus, there’re two new buildings: the Consulate grants additional influence each turn and reduces the level of enemy spies when they target its city or cities with encampments, and the Chancery grants additional science each time a city captures or kills a spy.

Perhaps more interesting, though, are four Secret Societies, which arrive as part of a new optional mode. The Owls of Minerva are described as “puppet masters” with a focus on government, trade, and espionage, and they provide access to a fancied-up bank known as the Gilded Vault. The Hermetic Order is a group of scientists and alchemists with a focus on science, great people, and resources, and unlock a new map resources known as ley lines, alongside a new enhanced university building called the Alchemical Society.

The Voidsingers, meanwhile, are your good old-fashioned Cthulhu cult (the tentacled one even makes an appearance in their logo), specialising in “religion, relics, and (dis)loyalty”. They grant access to the Old God Obelisk, which replaces the monument, and the new Cultist unit. Lastly, there’s the Sanguine Pact, a group of militaristic vampires who bring their own vampire units and castles that can teleport units between them.

Once players are invited to join a society’s ranks, a shadowy adviser will be added as a Governor, with four unique promotions. These are worldwide organisations, so don’t need to be assigned to a specific city, and promotion effects apply to an entire civilisation.

Civilization 6’s Ethiopia Pack can be purchased on its own for £3.99 when it arrives on 23rd July, and is also available as part of the £32.99 New Frontier Pass, which promises a total of six updates. Frontier Pass owners also get two new Persona Packs, offering a leadership twist for Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici. Details of each’s unique bonuses – along with more information on Secret Societies – can be found in Firaxis’ latest developer update video.

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