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It is a very different time in the gaming world today as players across the globe are able to enjoy games from any country, usually with simultaneous release. Moon is a testament to a time when localization was never a given and at times an afterthought. Over 20 years later, Moon is almost available to play in English on the Switch.

Moon is set to release in just two days with the classic and obscure JRPG finally being available in English on August 27. For those eager to get on the pacifist’s “Anti-RPG”, Moon is available for pre-order and pre-load now on the Nintendo Switch.

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Moon stands as a special JRPG that was long believed to be a title lost to time and language. It has been dubbed by fans as the “Anti-RPG” for its non-combat approach to a genre dedicated to growth through battle. It is considered incredibly influential and a game far ahead of its time. Indie games like Undertale utilize the same approach of genre subversion that Moon pioneered back on the PlayStation 1 by developer Love-de-lic.

The Nintendo Switch port of Moon is being developed OnionGames, a team comprising of some members of the original developer. Moon is a title about questioning the tropes and goals of RPGs that most players just believe to be game mechanics. Moon even questions the player for their actions, in a game about showing love instead of hatred.

The wait for Moon has been a long one, even just for this Switch port. It was back in December of 2019 that the port’s writer said that the translation of Moon was 40 percent done. Now, the release JRPG fans have long been waiting for is just days away and they can have it ready to play on midnight of August 27.

Moon will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2020.

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