Co-Op RTS DwarfHeim to Enter Steam Early Access, New Single Player Skirmish Mode Announced


Developer Pineleaf Studio has announced that co-op RTS DwarfHeim will be entering Early Access, along with a new single player mode.

Players command a clan of dwarves to mine and fight for survival, but in online co-op must choose their role carefully to help their ally. This includes the class you choose, and that resources are shared.

The Early Access build will have access to the online co-op modes, Survival, Sandbox, Conquest (the main multiplayer co-op mode). This will also include the new “single player co-op” mode, Skirmish, pitting your dwarves against AI-controlled rival clans.

Whether the original release date has become the Early Access launch date was not specified. Steam typically lists a game’s launch date as the Early Access launch- even when it enters version 1.0 months or even years later.

You can find an abridged rundown (via Steam) below.

DwarfHeim is the next generation of co-op RTS games. DwarfHeim innovates the RTS genre with thrilling co-op and team gameplay that will appeal to fans of multiplayer games everywhere. Player roles are critical to the success of your clan – choosing the right class can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Gather resources, expand your city and defeat the constant threat of feral trolls. Ultimately, you’ll need to crush all rival clans before you can reclaim DwarfHeim, ancestral home of the dwarves.

Co-op RTS
DwarfHeim’s main Co-op mode is Conquest, a competitive multiplayer mode in which you and two other players must cooperate to tear through the enemy team’s defenses and destroy their Town Hall. Develop your settlement from a single building to a thriving stronghold by gathering resources, increasing your population and keeping your dwarven brothers happy by brewing potent and hearty ales.

Teamwork is Key
DwarfHeim’s asymmetric co-op style means players stay within their chosen class for the duration of a game. All players and classes share the common goal of growing their Dwarven Clan. They also share their resources: Warriors, Builders and Miners must work together, and agree what’s best for the group. DwarfHeim’s unique focus on team game-play encourages players to work together; A Builder may need stone for walls but the Miner needs wood to refine the stone and build underground structures. Communication is key and sacrifice may be required.

Choose Your Class
DwarfHeim has 3 unique classes to choose from.

  • Builder: The Builder Class and their units support the team by healing units, building defenses and houses, creating farms, and concocting soothing brews.
  • Miner: Focus on gathering and refining resources, building machinery and traps, and blowing up defenses and buildings.
  • Warrior: Train your army and defend the town. Slay creatures to get gold and equip your army with legendary weapons to destroy the enemy team.

The Player’s role is critical to success. Do you prefer to battle it out as a grizzled Warrior, or are you better suited to creating complex underground structures for gathering and refining resources? Devise your strategies and choose which units, buildings and technology best meets the needs of you and your team.

Up above and down below
To create more powerful units and buildings, you need the rarest minerals which can only be found deep within the mines of Agartha. In addition to being able to move on the surface of Agartha, you can send your units to the underworld. Dig deeper – create intricate machinery to help you refine the minerals, and build traps to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks from the things lurking in the dark.

DwarfHeim launches Fall 2020 on Windows PC, and Mac (both via Steam).

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