Cuphead PS4 Review


Name: Cuphead

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Genre: Run N Gun

Developer: StudioMDHR

Publisher: StudioMDHR

Cuphead has a fantastic art style, and the performance is good on all platforms. Still, the Gameplay remains boring I went into Cuphead expecting it to be “one of the best indie games ever made” I’m disappointed since I didn’t enjoy the game as much as the others did. Cuphead is one of the most boring game I’ve played which has such high praise, and I have played Witcher 3 (Yes, Witcher 3 is boring) Also the platforming isn’t good at all it’s fundamental I think what saved Cuphead from being even worse is the Cartoony art style. I would not recommend anyone to buy this game if you are really into Run N Gun games you can get it up to you at the end of the day

Many people have said that Cuphead is “the Dark Souls of Platformers,” and well, it is nowhere near Dark Souls because Dark Souls has fun Gameplay, whereas Cuphead remains boring and very repetitive the only good thing that I can think about Cuphead is it’s 30s Cartoony Art Style. The Gameplay is just hold down to shoot while fighting a boss, then do it again, and again until you kill him, there are run and gun missions in-between the game I can’t go into the depth because that’s all the Gameplay is there’s nothing else. You can charge up a super which is charged by parrying the pink projectiles or by hitting an enemy with standard bullets they are useful, but most of the time, you will forget that they even exist and not even bother to use them. There are upgrades that you can buy from Porkrind’s Emporium. They are beneficial, but they don’t do any justice to its boring Gameplay. The bosses look very good due to the fantastic art style in Cuphead, but all of them are pretty much the same you just dodge projectiles and shoot until they transform and repeat until you beat them in their final form. There are airplane missions in Cuphead, too, which are the same as the standard missions without a jump button. In-between missions are just about walking around the world with a top-down perspective while here you can speak to NPCs, go to the shop and equip guns, super, and charms you want.

Let’s talk about the best thing in this game which is the art style it’s gorgeous it looks like a cartoon from 1930s too bad that the Gameplay remains boring also the music is excellent it captures that same feel of old cartoons I wish this similar art style to be used in the sequel or another game by Studio MDHR which is more fun to play and has more gameplay variety, unlike Cuphead. Currently, there is a cartoon in development for Netflix if it has this same art style with a great story; it would work well.

The story is not bad. It’s about Cuphead and his brother Mugman who makes a deal with the devil, and you have to collect contracts for him. Some NPCs might have exciting stories, but the ones I encountered were boring, mostly as I mentioned before. It’s based on 1930s cartoons, and those had very little to the almost non-existent story, so this was expected. Still, it doesn’t take anything away from the game. It would have been nice to see a fantastic story or even a good story in Cuphead though hopefully, the DLC improves in that department as Studio MDHR is currently working hard on the DLC.

The Performance of Cuphead was excellent on PlayStation 4, and there were 0 frame rate issues, but I expected that since the game doesn’t have high recommendations on PC, I didn’t experience any crashes or bugs either. Maybe there should have been bugs so I could get some enjoyment out of the game instead of the same repetitive, boring gameplay formula, but sadly none exist.


Cuphead is overrated. It’s nowhere as good as most people make it out to be, but the Art Style is amazing; this game has sold well. Studio MDHR is already working on a DLC. I hope that they improve the gameplay variety, and the Gameplay isn’t a complete dumpster fire. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy Cuphead since the Gameplay bored me a lot. Hopefully, the Cuphead Show which is currently in development for Netflix is great and has a better story since the story in Cuphead was mediocre


Art style

  • Great Performance
  • No Glitches or Bugs
  • Responsive Controls
  • Amazing Art Style


  • The Gameplay is boring and repetitive.
  • The story isn’t anything special.
  • Boss fights feel the same.
  • The mission design is straightforward.

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