Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot Comparisons Show Noticeable Visual Improvements Over 2 Years

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Cyberpunk 2077 has been no slouch from a visuals perspective since CD Projekt RED started showing more of the game a couple of years ago, and every successive showing has come with some impressive and noticeable visual improvements. While those might not be so easily apparent at first glance, comparisons with the game’s early showings make these upgrades abundantly obvious.

Over on Twitter, @SoSnake13 recently shared a collection of screenshot comparisons showcasing the game’s recent showings against some of its earlier ones, and the images do a great job of how far Cyberpunk 2077’s visuals have come over the course of two years. The game’s lead quest designer Pawel Sasko responded to this as well, saying that it’s still a work in progress, and that CD Projekt RED will continue to make improvements until the game is out.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches on November 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, later in the year for Stadia, and next year for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Of late, CDPR have been talking about various aspects of the game, promising a deeper roleplaying experience than The Witcher 3 and emphasizing a focus on destructible environments during combat. They also spoke about melee combat, stating that they’re not 100% happy with its current state and will continue to hone it in the coming weeks as well.

It's still Work in Progress – until it's released ?

Squeezing every minute we have to improve #Cyberpunk2077


— Paweł Sasko (@PaweSasko) August 12, 2020

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