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Dark Souls is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest and most influential video games of all time. The gaming industry was completely rocked to its core with the release of this groundbreaking game, which combined all the facets of old-school gaming with modern nuances to craft a unique experience unlike anything ever seen before. Miyazaki absolutely burst onto the scene with the release of this title and has never stopped crafting amazing titles ever since.

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For a game as influential as Dark Souls, it’s certainly quite hard to imagine that this game wasn’t completely crafted from the ground up purely from the brilliant mind of its director. However, Miyazaki was an avid reader and a huge fan of dark fantasy work, and this shows in the rich and detailed world of Dark Souls.

Berserk was especially beloved by Miyazaki, and he has made a ton of references to this iconic manga in Dark Souls. Here are ten of the coolest references to Berserk in Dark Souls.

10 The Wheel Skeletons Are Easily The Most Obvious Reference


One of the more well-known references to Berserk in Dark Souls can be seen in the design of the Wheel Skeletons, who are widely considered to be one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game.

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These enemies are certainly inspired by the Wheel Skeletons in Berserk, so if you wish to curse anyone for the existence of these enemies, then don’t put the blame on Miyazaki. Instead, point your finger at Kentaro Miura.

9 The Red Eye Orb And Crimson Behelit Look Eerily Similar


The Crimson Behelit is an important item in the universe of Berserk, so it was only a given that this would also be referenced in the world of Dark Souls as well.

This item resembles the Red Eye Orb in Dark Souls, a pivotal item that one can collect throughout the game and utilize to engage in PVP invasions.

8 Nosferatu Zodd Gets A Nod In The Form Of The Taurus Demon


Nosferatu Zodd is an iconic apostle in Berserk, and Miyazaki certainly didn’t exclude this important figure while paying homage to one of his favorite dark fantasy series.

One can see a ton of similarities between the design of the Taurus Demon and Nosferatu Zodd, which is quite an interesting nod to Berserk indeed.

7 The Man-Serpents Look Similar To The Snake Lord


The Man-Serpents in Sen’s Fortress are among the more iconic enemies in the series and can pose a significant challenge during the player’s ascent of this trap-ridden area.

These enemies share a resemblance to the Snake Lord, who just so happens to be another important apostle in Berserk.

6 Pinwheel’s Design Is Clearly Inspired By The Deific Image


Of course, the normal enemies in Dark Souls aren’t the only figures that have been inspired by Berserk’s apostles — many bosses in the series have also referenced the Berserk series in one way or another. One such boss is Pinwheel, who is widely considered by many to be the weakest boss in the entire series.

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In Berserk, Luca stumbles upon the Deific Image when he accidentally ventures into the Egg apostle’s den. This location is full of candles, and the Deific Image is quite horrifying — basically being an unholy fusion of numerous priests in the worst manner possible.

Meanwhile, Pinwheel is a fusion of three people, who is encountered in a place full of candles and bears a heavy resemblance to the design of the Deific Image. This inspiration is pretty clear after looking at all the similarities.

5 The Moonlight Butterfly Boss Fight Is A Homage To Rosine


The second boss fight that references an apostle is the Moonlight Butterfly. While this boss is widely reviled as one of the worst bosses in the game, there’s no denying that the apostle it’s inspired from in Berserk is quite awesome indeed.

This apostle takes on the form of a giant moth, which is somewhat similar-looking to the Moonlight Butterfly.

4 Ornstein And Smough Are Inspired By Two Unnamed Apostles


On his way to defeat Rosine, Guts is attacked by two unnamed insectoid apostles. One apostle is large and powerful, while another is small and agile. This makes it hard for Guts to deal with these two combatants, making for a rather entertaining battle indeed.

It doesn’t take an expert to state that these two apostles share an uncanny resemblance to Ornstein and Smough when it comes to how their combat styles perfectly complement each other.

3 Andre Of Astora Is An Obvious Reference To Godo


The aging blacksmith who helps the main character in their quest is a common trope seen across most fantasy works. In fact, this trope is present in both Berserk and Dark Souls, with the latter being very much inspired by the former.

Berserk has Godo while Dark Souls has the similar-looking Andre Of Astora. It’s a neat little touch that pays further homage to Berserk.

2 Siegmeyer’s Armor Looks Like The Same As Basuzo’s


Basuzo is a brash antagonist in Berserk with a rather unique set of armor. He poses a significant challenge to Guts before the latter finally manages to bring this beast down.

In contrast, Siegmeyer is a rather jovial knight who has become a legendary character in the fandom. His personality is the complete opposite of Basuzo’s, even though their armor is remarkably similar.

1 Artorias’ Pose Is Reminiscent Of Guts In His Berserker Armor


Perhaps the coolest nod to Berserk in Dark Souls comes from one of the coolest characters and definitely one of the best bosses in the series.

Artorias the Abysswalker has one of the most tragic stories in Dark Souls, even though the manner in which he’s introduced to fans for the first time is quite awe-inspiring and not indicative of his backstory at all.

What makes this iconic piece of artwork more amazing is the fact that it’s an excellent tribute to the artwork of Berserk‘s Volume 28, where Gus is perched in a similar position while wearing the Berserker Armor.

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