Deathloop Director Talks Game’s Progression And Funky Sense Of Time


One of the most interesting titles coming for this next generation of consoles is Deathloop. The game is a stylish shooter from Arkane Studios that see two different assassins stuck in a time loop, with one doing everything he can to break the cycle, and the other doing everything she can to kill him before he does. There’s a lot going on there, and a lot of questions about how the game’s overall structure works. Well, we got a few answers from the game’s Director about that.

Via IGN, Director Dinga Bakaba talked somewhat about the progression of the game. As you know, when your main character dies, it restarts at the beginning and you must continue hunting down targets to try and break the loop. While it sounds like a roguelike on paper, apparently this isn’t the case. While you will lose weapons, key things will stay the same. The example he used was finding a code to a door, and then dying immediately afterward, but you can still use that same code on that same door. He also said that things will change at some point, though he didn’t want to go into specifics due to plot spoilers, but it seems like your loop may change in specific ways as opposed to being randomized like most roguelikes due to plot reasons.

Bakaba also assured you that you won’t be pressed for time. While the loop is technically one day, there is no timer set for that day to pass. Instead you have a checklist of things you need to do to press, giving the game a funky and warped sense of time which you can tackle at your own pace.

Deathloop is set to come out on PlayStation 5 and PC this holiday season and will be a timed console exclusive for Sony’s system. You can also read about how the game will use the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

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