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Hatred developer Destructive Creations has announced its next project. This title will be a game set in World War 2 that explores an area of the conflict we don't always get to see: the Eastern Front.

Check out the "WM" teaser trailer to get a feel for what they're aiming for!

The game is said to be inspired by actual events on the Eastern Front in World War 2. The game is being developed by Destructive Creations, a game developer with a somewhat infamous reputation.

A bit over five years ago, Destructive Creations released Hatred, a game that lets you play as a mass shooter who is the king of the edgelords. It was a controversial game for the time, understandably.

From there, it announced IS Defense, a game that has you manning a machine gun as a member of NATO and shooting hordes of terrorists. Unfortunately, the preceding sentence describes the entirety of the game, so it's probably not for you unless you really like turret shooters or you really hate terrorists.

Now, this band of developers is aiming for a new release — although what exactly it might be is shrouded in mystery.

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War Mongrels Destructive Creations slice

When Will We Learn More About This Project?

While the trailer does a good job of setting the thematic tone, we still don't know much about this upcoming game — when can we learn more?

We should get to see some actual gameplay with a full trailer reveal sometime later this month according to a press release. There's a mention of gamescom's devcom stream as well, but we're probably not going to learn much more until the big reveal.

Do you think itwill be a good game? What's your favorite game exploring the Eastern Front that isn't Red Orchestra? Let us know in the comments below!

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