DiRT 5 – New Ice Breaker Event Unveiled in Gameplay Video

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Codemasters continues to unveil new gameplay for DiRT 5. The latest video offers a look at the Ice Breaker event, which is all about racing on smaller tracks and navigating the treacherous ice. Cornering, drifting and throttling need to be handled differently to succeed. Check it out below.

The Ice Breaker events will feature up to 12 cars at once, all jockeying for position. The event will be set in locations like Nepal and New York (namely on Roosevelt Island’s East River which has frozen over). Thus far, it looks to be a nice change of pace from Stampede and Path Finder events.

DiRT 5 is out on October 9th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Career Mode has seen some major changes over the previous game with a stronger narrative focus, branching paths and over 130 events to play through. Expect even more to be showcased before launch.

DiRT 5 will also be releasing for PS5 and Xbox Series X with a Google Stadia release planned for early 2021. Along with 4K resolution support, both next-gen versions will have support for 120 frames per second gameplay.

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