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In a surprise announcement that no gamer was expecting, Surgeon Simulator 2 is suddenly available today, exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Thanks to YouTube personalities like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, the first Surgeon Simulator released back in 2013 and quickly became widely popular on the internet. Unlike the newly released Microsoft Flight Simulator, the surgery game is much less about realism and relies on the hectic and stressful gameplay, while ripping apart the insides of patients, or more likely, victims. Oftentimes, players are subjected to sawing out entire ribcages, and for those looking to dismember even more body parts via the operation sim, the sequel, Surgeon Simulator 2 will allow for entire limbs to be removed, but that’s not all that’s new.

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Introducing the sudden announcement at today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live event was none other than Doc Brown from Back to the Future, but instead of bringing a Future game with him, he brought an announcement of a majorly internet-loved game. When asked “What do you have to do with Surgeon Simulator?” He explains that Doc Brown invented a state of the art medical training facility and says it’s of utmost importance that Surgeon Simulator 2 is promptly released to continue training. “Doctor’s orders!” With that, the Doc signs off, leaving the fate of the world in the present’s hands.

A number of new features will be present in the sequel, including new operations, a Story Mode, four-player online co-op, and even a Creation Mode. The multiplayer mode seems to be reminiscent of the Overcooked series, where teams must strategically collaborate to beat the clock. “But will your fellow surgeons prove a help… Or hindrance?” The description warns.

The Story Mode also follows the level-based format, where players can explore the mysterious medical facility and tackle trials around the hospital. Finally, the Creation Mode allows the player to design their own levels that friends can experience in online co-op. With an intuitive set of tools and only the brain’s creativity as a limitation, the internet is sure to see some insanity in the coming months.

The game only recently finished a closed beta earlier this month, with very positive reception from those who got a copy of the game. And luckily for both players who enjoyed the original and fans who enjoyed watched chaotic YouTube Let’s Plays, Surgeon Simulator 2 is available now on the Epic Games Store, so gamers won’t have to wait to dig their virtual hands into more ribcages.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is out now for PC.

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