Dying Light – Hellraid DLC is Now Available

dying light hellraid

It may be five years since release but Techland continues to update Dying Light. The latest DLC to come to the first person action platformer is Hellraid, based on the developer’s on-hold hack and slash RPG. PC, Xbox One and PS4 players can get their hands on it now.

The story sees a strange arcade machine appearing in the basement at the Tower. Upon investigation, the player is dragged into a dark medieval fantasy world where they must assault Ba’al’s Tower and fight off a variety of enemies like skeletons. Instead of makeshift weapons, you’ll have access to swords, hammers and axes, which can also be used outside in Harran.

With four player co-op support and it’s own progression system, Hellraid should make for a decent diversion. Techland has also promised free content, collectibles, weapons, ranks and a bounty system for Hellraid with the first update out by September end. In the meantime, development continues on Dying Light 2 which is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X and PS5.

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