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Millie Bobby Brown continues to rise further and further into the spotlight, making her way into Hollywood’s A-list at a surprisingly young age. Most recently, she has landed a starring role in a brand new Netflix film, Enola Holmes, which has just released its first trailer.

Set in 1880’s England, the movie stars the actress as Sherlock’s younger sister Enola, waking up one day to discover that her mother has disappeared with no clue as to where she’s gone. Mycroft and Sherlock, played by Sam Claflin and Henry Cavill, decide to send her away to a finishing school, but Enola refuses. Instead she takes off into London in search of her mother, earning her own legacy as a detective.

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The film is actually based off of a series of books for young adults titled The Enola Holmes Mysteries written by Nancy Springer. In terms of premise, the books are very similar to the film, beginning with the disappearance of Enola’s mother, and following the young sleuth to London where she starts solving mysteries for herself and eluding her brothers’ desire to send her to school.

While the series of books are rather well regarded in literature circles, they are not without controversy for their adaptation of the Holmes stories. In particular, the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle has recently sued Nancy Springer and those involved in the Enola stories over alleged Copyright and Trademark infringement. The allegation argues that, due to the depiction of Sherlock as more emotional, the stories skirt too close to the last ten Sherlock Holmes stories, which have not all yet dropped into public domain. The lawsuit is too recent, only beginning several months ago, to say with confidence whether the suit holds water, but it is nonetheless a troubling allegation for the project. For now the suit only seeks damages, and hopefully will not hold back the release of the film, which is currently slated for September of 2020.

Enola Holmes will be available as a Netflix original on the 23rd of September.

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