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Tempo Storm, eSports franchise and gaming entertainment organization, reveals that it is expanding on its merchandise line with a new collection that includes graphic t-shirts and facemasks. In preparation for this new line-up, Game Rant spoke with Brand Manager Ryan Wagner about apparel inspired by gaming, streaming, and internet culture.

Tempo Storm has its roots in competitive Hearthstone, Rainbow Six: Seige, League of Legends, and more, and its roster includes Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson for Super Smash Bros. In a unique move for a standard eSports team, Tempo Storm is launching a distinctive line up of apparel that can be purchased on its website.

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Tempo Storm has teamed up with one of Reddit’s most popular artists for the collaboration, Andre Rojas, known as u/SrGrafo on Reddit. Since joining the website in January of 2019. His webcomics (which have become meme formats) have gone viral, often focusing on internet trends. According to Tempo Storm, Rojas was thrilled with the opportunity. “Working with Tempo to design this new line for their latest collection has been quite fun, I’m looking forward to seeing people wearing my designs.” His simple comic strip style design on a shirt is charming to see, and many Reddit users may recognize the art, as will people who enjoy video game memes.


The gear itself has a unique look to it, but the reasoning behind Tempo Storm expanding beyond just an eSports franchise, even developing a card game named The Bazaar, is as interesting. Tempo Storm seems to have a purpose behind every decision it makes. In speaking with Wagner, Game Rant learned that Tempo believes that “gaming is getting closer to the pinnacle of pop culture.” Because of that, the company wanted to make something that gamers and people in touch with internet culture would feel is modern and fashionable (and also 100% recycled cotton).

We wanted to create a purpose behind our merch.

Wagner mentioned that the team leaned in on the creativity of u/SrGrafo. When Game Rant asked how it is that Tempo and Andre Rojas (u/SrGrafo) teamed up, Wagner mentioned Tempo’s Social Media Director, Rob Allam. He is a moderator of over 50 Subreddits, and therefore has a rather large thumbprint on the social media platform himself. Allam and Andre knew each other before the collaboration, so it was a natural fit.

And although Tempo didn’t work with any streamers or professional gamers specifically with this line, it is planning on teaming up with a group of influencers to socialize the gear. The internet can often gravitate towards video game apparel, and using streamers to promote is a wise move.


Tempo is also teaming up with MetaThreads and its #GamersMasks4Masks campaign. In creating some unique video game face-masks, Tempo is able make stylish gear during difficult times. Said Rob, “We thought it was important to partner up with something like this because, regardless of what you do for fun (e.g. gaming), everyone is affected by the pandemic.” The face-masks will cost $19.95.

Along with recyclable material and face-masks during COVID-19, Tempo is sharing its profits from the new line of clothing to a couple of valiant causes. The face-mask profits will go used to produce additional masks, which then the donated masks will go to hospitals, medical facilities, and frontline workers in LA.

Of the other gear in the new line, the net profits will be donated to The Thurgood Marshall College Fund. The organization is an American non-profit that supports the black college community with scholarships, strategic partnering, and more, and it currently represents close to 300,000 students. When Game Rant asked Wagner about the motivation behind this and if anyone from Tempo Storm had connections with the fund, he said that the group doesn’t have direct connections, but that it believes it is the right thing to do. This isn’t the first time Tempo has fought for social justice issues, as the founder and CEO, Andrew Yanuk, did a live stream recently where he was protesting systematic racism with fellow LA residents.


We don’t have a direct connection to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, but in talking with the Tempo team, it felt right to donate our sales from this campaign to them. Tempo and its members have a pretty long history of advocating for social justice and human rights.

Tempo Storm may not be known for some of the top eSports moments of the decade, but it is doing some unique and interesting things. It is certainly honorable to create a line-up of apparel and donate profits to organizations like Thurgood Marshall College Fund and frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers. On top of that, the stylish clothing may catch on as a special look that fits perfectly with video game and internet culture.

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